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Reservoirs - Overview
Welcome to our web pages to inform you about our reservoir holdings.

For information about access to our reservoirs and opening hours, see our Water Storage (Reservoirs) information.

The water we use in South Australia comes from a variety of sources: the River Murray, Mount Lofty reservoirs and groundwater being the key supplies. For SA Water customers the amount of water required from the River Murray varies from about 40 per cent of Adelaide’s water needs in a normal rainfall year to as much as 90 per cent in a dry year.  

The "view maps" link below takes you to a map of the Murray-Darling Basin. You will see from this map the Hume and Dartmouth reservoirs form part of the Murray-Darling system and play an integral role in maintaining flows through to South Australia each year. The Murray-Darling Basin covers an area of over 1,061,469 square kilometres in New South Wales, Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory, Queensland and South Australia. Some 68,744 square kilometres of the Murray-Darling Basin are in South Australia.

Water is released on a daily basis from the major upstream storages to meet the demands of irrigators, river flow requirements and communities along the river. Adelaide is the only capital city reliant on River Murray water. For more information on the running of the river system and for facts on the Murray-Darling Basin visit the Murray-Darling Basin Authority.

The Bureau of Meteorology publishes national water storage information on its website. Differences between the Bureau's site and the SA Water website reservoir levels may be due to:
  • SA Water reporting the total reservoir volume, whereas the Bureau publishes only active storage levels.
  • The Bureau may also standardise data

More information about the national water storage can be found on the Bureau of Meteorology's website.

Reservoirs located throughout the Mount Lofty Ranges catchment area act as storage facilities for a number of water supply distribution systems to metropolitan Adelaide and beyond. At full capacity they hold about 200,000 megalitres of water (that's 200,000,000,000 litres, or a little less than 1 year's supply for metropolitan Adelaide). Storage capacity relies heavily on rainfall in the Mt Lofty catchment and water that has been pumped from the River Murray to supplement Adelaide’s water supply.

View maps and details of all reservoirs 

Click on the map regions and reservoirs and drill down for more information.  You can hover your cursor over a reservoir for summary information or keep drilling down until you reach a reservoir's specific details.

Quick link to current total storage details 

Direct links to storage details for specific reservoirs are also provided via the Water Data Update / Reservoir Data fly-out menu.

View maps and details of all reservoirs Quick link to current total storage details

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