Adelaide Desalination Plant Tours

Adelaide Desalination Plant Tours

Did you know the Adelaide Desalination Plant is operational? Come on a free tour to learn more and follow the journey seawater takes from sea to tap.   

What does the tour involve?

Tours begin at the Kauwi Interpretive Centre, also located at the plant and run for about 1.5hrs. At the Kauwi Centre you’ll view a short presentation and learn about how and why the plant was built, how the process works and view video under water footage of our infrastructure in the Gulf St Vincent.  You will also be able to taste desalinated water straight from the plant for the very first time before being taken on tour to look inside the main reverse osmosis process building and visit the control room.   

Who's it for?

Anyone is welcome. Tours are suitable for all general community, TAFE, University, High School and industry groups of between 10 - 30 attendees.

Children must be over the age of 8 and accompanied by an adult.  Please note, guests must be able to negotiate getting in and out of a bus to take part in the tour.

Book a tour

For further information please email or phone 7424 2223.

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  • 20/11/2017 02:35 AM - We are on-site responding to an incident in Ingle Farm. Water should now be back on. Our crews may remain on site to perform further work. Traffic restrictions may also apply. Reference Number WO: 06107513.
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