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Sponsorship Policy

Sponsorship Policy

We sponsor a number of events, projects and organisations every year. We do this to give back to the community. This policy guides how we do that. If you want to be sponsored by us, you need to read the full policy [PDF, 93 kB] so you understand our process and criteria.

We will only sponsor things that:

  1. Support our vision of sustainability
  2. Are held in South Australia.
  3. Benefit the community.

Strict criteria apply to all applications, because our sponsorships reflect our culture. We are very careful about how we approve applications and manage approved sponsors.

More information, including what we do not sponsor and how we deal with conflicts of interest, is in the full policy. You can download and read it here [PDF, 93 kB].

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  • Loader St
  • Glynde
  • 22/01/2017
  • Major Leak
  • Last Updated: 22/01/2017 12:43 AM - We have received a report of an incident in Glynde. Water supply in the surrounding area may be impacted as we resolve this issue. Traffic restrictions may also apply. Reference Number WO: 05673546.

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  • Scheduled works

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  • Trinity St
  • College Park
  • 22/01/2017
  • Supply Interruption
  • Estimated start time (water off): 25/01/2017 09:00 AM
    Estimated restore time (water back on): 25/01/2017 03:00 PM

    We’re committed to improving your services and are undertaking maintenance work in College Park. Water supply in the surrounding area may be impacted during the above times. Traffic restrictions may also apply.

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