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Your Meter

Your Meter

The water meter on your property is used to measure how much water is used.

How does the meter work?

When you turn on a tap, the pressure in the water main pushes water through the meter, into your pipes, and out of the tap. Our meters work on what is known as a rotary piston. A number register is connected to the piston.

As water flows through your meter, the piston rotates. The water moves the piston through a fixed rotation. One rotation on your meter represents one litre of water used. At the end of that rotation, the numbers turn on the number register.

Can my meter help me find leaks?

Yes, it can. Learn more about leak detection.

What happens when SA Water can't read my meter?

If we can't access your meter for whatever reason, where possible we will leave a card to tell you we couldn't read your meter and a reason why.

If you are able to, you can read the meter yourself and provide the reading to us online, or by email or phone.

If your meter can't be read, or you are unable to provide a reading before your next billing date, we will send you an estimated bill.

I can't find my meter. What should I do? 

If you can't find your meter, we might be able to help. Give us a call on 1300 650 950.

What do I do if my meter is stolen?

In the case of meter damage or meter theft, we may waive the cost associated with the repair or replacement of the meter. Contact ourCustomer Service Centreto help you through the process.

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