Case studies

Case studies

At SA Water we work closely with businesses to improve their water efficiency. The case studies below outline the achievements gained by a number of local businesses.

We can help your business too.

If you have a water-saving initiative and you'd like us to develop a case study focusing on your business, please contact us on 08 7424 3753.

Irrigated open space data logging exercise

Our Business Technical Support Team has worked with a number of schools and councils to 'data log' their water use. We found that leaks of two to 15 litres per minute were common.

Read the case study to find out the benefits about data logging. [PDF, 358 kB] 

Adelaide Brighton Cement: Water efficiency improvement

Adelaide Brighton Cement's Angaston operation has completed a number of projects to improve water efficiency at the site. The business's commitment to saving water helped them save approximately 69,000 kL (23%) between 2006/07 and 2007/08.

Read the case to find out how they achieved their water efficiencies. [PDF, 315 kB]

Castle Plaza Shopping Centre: Water efficiency audit & improvement

Our audit of Castle Plaza Shopping Centre in Edwardstown identified that they could save about 12,000 kilolitres (kL) of water per year. One of the changes the shopping centre made was to collect and use rainwater. Their storage now allows them to collect approximately 500,000 litres per year.

Read the full case study to see the other water efficiency achievements Castle Plaza Shopping Centre has achieved. [PDF, 279 kB] 

Myer Centre Adelaide: Water efficiency audit & improvement

Our audit of the Myer Centre in Adelaide identified they could save about 20,000 kL of water per year. Following our recommendations, the centre saved up to 17,000 kL in the first 18 months.

Read the full case study to see the significant water savings the Myer Centre Adelaide has achieved. [PDF, 416 kB] 

Novozymes: Water re-use project

The Hindmarsh-based company, Novozymes, put in place a project to re-use its reject water in staff amenities. Treated with reverse osmosis, the reject water is of such high quality it can be used for all purposes on the property, except drinking. It's even good enough to shower in.

Read the full case study to see how we worked with Novozymes to make this happen. [PDF, 323 kB] 

O-I Adelaide: Water saving initiative

West Croydon glass manufacturer O-I Adelaide has a very strong water-minimisation focus. SA Water has helped them save approximately 25,000 kL annually.

Read the case study for details about how O-I Adelaide achieves significant savings year on year. [PDF, 248 kB] 

Smith's Snackfood Company: Water efficiency review

In 2009 Smith's Snackfoods partnered with us to have a comprehensive water efficiency review completed of their Adelaide operations. Identifying a staggering 32 opportunities for improvement, a newly formed team at Smith's focused on three key projects. Estimated savings were 10,019,000 litres. That's four Olympic-sized swimming pools or 55 years' worth of average house hold use.

Read the case study to learn more about this incredible project. [PDF, 241 kB] 

St Matthews Homes: Water efficiency

By partnering with us for water efficiency reviews, data logging and behavioural change, St Matthews Homes at Kensington Gardens have reduced water use by about 41%.

Read the case study to find out how the business achieved such significant savings. [PDF, 433 kB] 

Partner with us and achieve significant savings.

Call us today on 08 7424 3753 to find out how we can work with you to improve your water efficiency.

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