Metropolitan Water Main Replacement Program

Metropolitan Water Main Replacement Program

What is the program?

We look after 27,000 kilometres of pipeline across Adelaide and throughout the state to deliver safe, clean water to South Australian households and businesses.

In the past 10 years we’ve replaced 638,000 metres and – in the four years until 2020 – we’ll be replacing 375,700 more.

Watch this video for an overview of what the program will achieve by 2020

Interactive Map

This map shows you our water main network, works undertaken, works planned to July 2018 and priority areas between now and 2020.

You can zoom in or type in a street address, click on a main and find out more about when it was laid or when works are planned, life expectancy of that pipe and the diameter (DN) of the pipe.

We will keep this updated in coming years as part of our efforts to deliver relevant information.

Planned Metro Water Main Replacements 2016/2017/2018
Replaced Water Mains (Last 10 years)
Water Mains
Water Main Replacement Focus Areas

Current Water Main Replacement Projects

Suburb Street Length of replacementStart date Expected completion date Council area
Elizabeth NorthWomma Road92 metresJuneJuneCity of Playford
RostrevorKoonga Ave633 metres 8 May 2017JuneCampbelltown City Council
JoslinSeventh Avenue206 metres31 May 2017JuneCity of St Peters
AldingaMain South Road524 metresJuneJuneCity of Onkaparinga
Windsor GardensPitman Road224 metres22 May 2017JuneCity of Port Adelaide Enfield
PanoramaBoothby Street185 metres1 June 2017Mid JuneCity of Mitcham
PlymptonAnzac Highway406 metresMid-JuneJuneCity of West Torrens
PeterheadTrust Terrace392 metres7 June 2017JuneCity of Port Adelaide Enfield
Kensington ParkGlynburn Road680 metresJulyAugustCampbelltown City Council
Wattle ParkPenfold Road108 metresJuneJuneCity of Burnside
ProspectProspect Road1,357 metres15 May 2017JulyCity of Prospect
GlenelgJetty Road600 metresJuneAugustCity of Holdfast Bay
SeatonHeron Place78 metresJuneJuneCity of Playford
Victor HarborKent Drive454 metresJuneMid JulyCity of Victor Harbor
Camden ParkAnzac Highway980 metresJulyAugustCity of West Torrens
TranmereGlynburn Road980 metresJuneAugustCampbelltown City Council
ParadiseSilkes Road1,500 metresCommencing week of 24 AprilJulyCampbelltown City Council
SturtPlymouth Avenue238 metresJuneLate JuneCity of Charles Sturt
Elizabeth ParkBeaminster Road105 metresJuneJulyCity of Playford
CampbelltownMeadow and Alexander Avenue205 metresJuneJulyCampbelltown City Council
CampbelltownAcacia Avenue144 metresJuneJulyCampbelltown City Council
NewtonGraves Street403 metresJuneJulyCampbelltown City Council
EnfieldCorralyn Terrace237 metresJuneJuneCity of Port Adelaide Enfield
KilburnGalway Street217 metresJuneJuneCity of Port Adelaide Enfield
ClearviewMain Parade and Guildford Street277 metresJuneJuneCity of Port Adelaide Enfield
GreenacresPrinces Road303 metresJuneJuneCity of Port Adelaide Enfield
GreenacresEsther Binks Avenue and Floriedale Road391 metres5 June 2017JuneCity of Port Adelaide Enfield
EdwardstownCalstock Avenue and Konando Terrace300 metres19 June 2017Late July 2017City of Marion

Our objectives

We want to reduce the impact of bursts and leaks on our community and deliver a reliable service to our customers.

What can I expect?

We are committed to keeping construction impacts to a minimum. As works progress you may experience the following:

  • Noise and dust from construction equipment Increased traffic in and around your local street
  • Restricted access to properties  Traffic and pedestrian management Temporary parking restrictions
  • Excavation work on roads and footpaths
  • Temporary interruption to your water supply.

We will make sure affected residents and businesses are aware of any works being planned.

Interruptions to customer water supply

Temporary interruptions to your water supply will be required at certain times.  This allows us to transfer all customer connections from the old main to the new main. These are usually scheduled during the middle of the day when demand for water is at its lowest. Overnight outages may occur in areas where day works are not practical.

You will receive advance notice from a member of the crew before any water disruptions.


Road reinstatement occurs as soon as possible after the pipeline has been reconnected. The trench is backfilled at the conclusion of each work day. This ensures safety and minimises disruptions to traffic or property access.

Further information

  • You will receive a letter from the SA Water Stakeholder Engagement team before works begin.
  • For more information, contact our Customer Call Centre.
    Phone 1800 812 362 or email:

Water Main Replacements (2016 - 2017)

  • Adelaide - Holland Street
  • Adelaide - King William Street
  • Adelaide - Maxwell Street
  • Aldinga - Main South Road
  • Angle Park - Cowan Street
  • Athelstone - Wicklow Avenue
  • Athelstone - Grahame Drive
  • Athelstone - Karen Place
  • Athelstone - Glenda Drive
  • Athelstone - Robert Street
  • Athelstone - Shaw Street
  • Athelstone - Greenside Avenue
  • Athol Park - Glenroy Street
  • Belair - Gloucester Avenue
  • Belair - Caroline Avenue
  • Bellevue Heights - Sherwood Avenue
  • Broadview - Erin Street
  • Broadview - Meredith Street
  • Broadview - Bruce Street
  • Broadview - Haig Street
  • Broadview - Iona Street
  • Brooklyn Park - Marion Road
  • Brooklyn Park - Sir Donald Bradman Drive
  • Clarence Gardens - Edward Street
  • Clapham - Springbank Road
  • Clearview - Hampstead Road (1)
  • Clearview - Hampstead Road (2)
  • Clearview - Hampstead Road (3)
  • Clearview - Kent Avenue & Chaucer Street
  • Clearview - Sarina Avenue
  • College Park - Trinity Street
  • Edwardstown - Conmurra Avenue
  • Edwardstown - Gumbowie Avenue
  • Elizabeth - Harvey Road
  • Elizabeth Grove - Haynes Street
  • Enfield - Ragless Avenue
  • Everard Park - Orchard Avenue
  • Gawler East - Cockshell Drive
  • Gawler East - Turner Street
  • Gilles Plains - Lurline Avenue
  • Glenside - L'Estrange Street
  • Greenacres - Redward Avenue
  • Greenacres - Redward Avenue (2)
  • Hampstead Gardens - Lyall Avenue
  • Holden Hill - Dundee Avenue
  • Kilburn - Garland Avenue
  • Kingswood - Halsbury Avenue
  • Klemzig - Reece Avenue
  • Mansfield Park - Grand Junction Road
  • Mitchell Park - Minkie Avenue
  • Mitchell Park - Sampson Road
  • Modbury North - Kelly Road
  • Newton - Monaro Crescent
  • Northfield - Druce Avenue
  • Northfield - Hargrave Street
  • Novar Gardens - Bonython Avenue
  • Oakden - Grand Junction Road (1)
  • Oakden - Grand Junction Road (2)
  • Oaklands Park - Boyle Street
  • O'Halloran Hill - Boxwood Road
  • Ottoway - Ina Avenue
  • Panorama - Eliza Place
  • Para Vista - Montague Road
  • Paracombe - Hurst Road
  • Paradise - Caroline Street
  • Paradise - Moseley Road
  • Paradise - Gorge Road (2)
  • Paradise - Grantham Grove
  • Para Hills - John Street
  • Plympton - Anzac Highway
  • Plympton Park - Tennyson Avenue
  • Prospect - Barker Road
  • Prospect - Charles Street
  • Prospect - Flora Terrace
  • Prospect - Le Hunte Avenue
  • Prospect - Olive Street
  • Prospect - Peel Street
  • Prospect - Prospect Road
  • Prospect - Vaughan Street
  • Rostrevor - Forest Avenue
  • Rostrevor - Moules Road
  • Rostrevor - Sheila Street
  • Salisbury Heights - Green Valley Drive
  • Seacombe Gardens - Bluebell Avenue
  • Seacombe Gardens - Brigalow Avenue
  • Seacombe Gardens - Ramsay Avenue
  • Seaview Downs - Wangary Terrace
  • South Brighton - Tucker Street
  • Tea Tree Gully - Rednall Street
  • Toorak Gardens - Cudmore Avenue
  • Torrensville - North Parade & West Street
  • Unley - Greenhill Road
  • Wattle Park - Penfold Road
  • Wattle Park - Simpson Road
  • Wayville - Davenport Terrace
  • Windsor Gardens - Lagonda Drive
  • Windsor Gardens - Metcalf Street
  • Windsor Gardens - Heather Avenue
  • Windsor Gardens - Pitman Road

  • Major faults

  • Reported

  • Hambidge Tce
  • Whyalla
  • 23/06/2017
  • Water Off
  • Last Updated: 23/06/2017 11:53 AM - We are on-site responding to an incident in Whyalla. Water may not be available in the surrounding area until 23/06/2017 05:40 PM. Traffic restrictions may also apply. Reference Number WO: 05878300.

  • See all major faults

  • Scheduled works

  • Underway
  • Calstock Av
  • Edwardstown
  • 23/06/2017
  • Supply Interruption
  • Estimated start time (water off): 27/06/2017 09:00 AM
    Estimated restore time (water back on): 27/06/2017 04:00 PM

    We’re committed to improving your services and are undertaking maintenance work in Edwardstown. Water supply in the surrounding area may be impacted during the above times. Traffic restrictions may also apply.

  • See all scheduled works