Capable and committed team

Capable and committed team

Our experienced and capable team consistently lives our values to safely deliver for our customers every day.

Safety and wellbeing of our people

Safety is taken very seriously in our business, with the wellbeing of our people considered in every decision we make. To ensure safety remains front of mind, we incorporated safety leadership in our two-day people workshops with a focus throughout the year on better identifying critical safety capabilities for our middle and frontline people leaders and ensuring leadership at all levels is equipped to support our people to work safely.

In 2017-18 we ran a musculoskeletal program, building the capability of our people to adopt improved work practices supporting the reduction of musculoskeletal risks. This resulted in a 48 per cent reduction in musculoskeletal injuries in our workforce during this 12-month period.

Safety frameworks are being developed by our field workgroups, enabling them to tailor their approach and proactively manage their risk factors. By empowering our people to lead their own safety, everyone can take responsibility.

Also during the financial year, education sessions were held to present our revised drug and alcohol program ahead of random and unannounced testing being implemented in the new financial year.

Field worker safety

Technology is improving safety for field crews who work in remote or isolated areas and circumstances. An in-vehicle safety system has been implemented in more than 470 of our fleet vehicles supporting our remote and isolated workers to undertake their roles safely. The system has an in-built safety alert that automatically raises an alarm in the event immediate help is needed. Our Operations Control Centre in Adelaide monitors the system 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Inclusion and diversity

We embrace diversity and seek to create a broad organisational culture of inclusion, reflecting our customer base, and helping us improve our performance and deliver for our customers. In 2017-18 we revised policies and procedures to further foster fair treatment, anti-discrimination, harassment and working flexibly.

Our diversity programs encompass apprentices, technical cadets, graduates and water industry trainees and are designed to provide jobs for young people while enabling diversity among participants such as cultural, gender and thought diversity.

Measures and targets were set for all our diversity programs and we achieved improvements across most of these in 2017-18, including an increased representation of women in our apprentice and water industry trainee programs.

Support for our people who identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders continued through career development plans and secondment opportunities.

Building our customer-centric culture

A high performing and collaborative culture is critical to deliver our best for our customers. Our approach is driven by customer outcomes, in line with our strategy, as we strive to achieve excellence in what we do and how we do it.

To develop more constructive and effective behaviours across our organisation, between July and December 2017, 33 two-day interactive Ripple workshops were held, engaging our people and embedding our vision, strategy and values. More than 2 000 staff and contractors attended these sessions which have successfully enabled the start of our culture change program.

To support this, four people leader development sessions were held in June 2018. More than 270 leaders from across the business participated focusing on developing great leaders, the impact of our leadership group on our culture, and each individual’s leadership impact.

This model is now being finalised as our in-house development program with our leadership and capability, and learning capability frameworks also being developed.

Developing the capability of our people

In 2017-18 we reviewed our existing technical capability frameworks for operational teams and identified where capabilities play an important role in the life cycle of our people, such as recruitment and selection, development, talent management and workforce planning. People from across the business were engaged to identify and qualify core capabilities needed for us to deliver our strategy and live our values. Draft capability frameworks were developed for behavioural and leadership capabilities.

To achieve the required capabilities in our workforce, we also developed a learning framework which uses the 70:20:10 principles: 70 per cent learnt on the job, 20 per cent learnt from others (such as coaching), and 10 per cent learnt through formal training. This learning framework will be implemented from 2018-19.

Enterprise Agreement

In March, employees voted in favour of our 2018 Enterprise Agreement.

The Agreement incorporates a number of new benefits including:

  • the provision of 15 days’ paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave, well above the five required by the Fair Work Commission, for our permanent employees experiencing family or domestic violence
  • the ability to cash out Annual Leave and access the state government’s injury and income protection policy that provides additional work-related injury or illness entitlements
  • an adjusted Accommodation and Meals Allowance in recognition that our people are travelling more widely as we deliver reliable water services for our customers
  • salary increases and a 1.5 per cent increase for a number of allowances.
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