Financial performance

Financial performance

Financial performance summary

The following is a brief summary of our overall financial performance.

The year-end profit before tax result is $201.6 million which is $7.1 million lower than the original budget. Excluding the $38.0 million write-off relating to seasonal water allocations no longer available to us, the year-end result was $239.6 million, an increase of $30.9 million against original budget.

This result can be attributed to a number of factors including:

  • higher operating revenues from an increase in water sales of $12.5 million and an increase in fees and connections revenue of $7.9 million
  • other revenue considerations of $42.0 million including sale of surplus renewable energy certificates, augmentation revenue and sale of surplus water allocations
  • underlying operating expenditure savings of $6.0 million; offset by
  • accelerated depreciation and asset write offs of $35.0 million relating to plant and equipment, infrastructure and capital work-in-progress, partially due to the accelerated capital works on the pipe network renewals
  • other movements in revenue and expenditure of $2.5 million.


The following is a summary of external consultants engaged, and the nature and cost of the work undertaken.

Consultancies less than $10 000

ConsultantAmount Description / Purpose
Hender Careers 1 900 Outplacement services
SARDI – Department of Primary Industries and Regions 2 500 Project contribution to Northern Adelaide Plains Management Framework
Geomotion Australia 5 227 Pneumatic Piezos Investigations – field services
Communikate Et Al 7 875 Communications consultation services
Mercer Consulting (Australia) 9 600 Annual remuneration review and independent job classification

Between $10 000 and $50 000

ConsultantAmount Description / Purpose
Marchment Hill Consulting 10 144.45 Civil maintenance benchmarking program – analysis and comparison of reactive and planned maintenance activities
Due Diligence Consultants Pty Ltd 12 790.09 TRILITY Group change in control due diligence report
AMCL Pty Ltd 20 800 Asset management maturity review
Business Models Inc 32 000 Integrated utility model and corporate business planning
Turner & Townsend 40 459 Capital delivery process efficiency review

Greater than $50 000

ConsultantAmount Description / Purpose
Hudson Howells 57 851.82

Mount Barker agribusiness district/waste

Symbiosis Australia Pty Ltd 98 200Asset inspections, mechanical and electrical, and Civil Structural Level 1 condition inspections, headworks and major pipelines asset management planning and sponsor support
Yellowscope Pty Ltd 165 687Asset information change management planning and implementation support, integration of asset maintenance requirements into broader asset planning process
Total465 034.54 

See for a list of all external consultancies, including nature of work and value. See also the Consolidated Financial Report of the Department of Treasury and Finance for total value of consultancy contracts across the SA Public Sector.

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