Disclosure log

Disclosure log

SA Water has committed to the establishment of a disclosure log to provide central access to non-personal information that has been released by SA Water under the Freedom of Information Act 1991 (FOI Act). The implementation of a disclosure log will enable information that may be of interest to the public to be readily identified and accessed by the community at large. Providing access to this information supports SA Water’s commitment to transparency and accountability.

Our disclosure log is a record of information released in response to formal access applications from an individual or organisation that SA Water considers to be of interest to other members of the public.

Updates to the log will occur as soon as practicable following release of the determination and documents to the original applicant. However, SA Water will not provide:

  • details of requests related to the personal affairs of an individual;
  • information which has been determined exempt from release pursuant to Schedule 1 of the FOI Act; or
  • information which could be considered defamatory or a breach of confidentiality or reasonably be anticipated to cause harm to a person.

SA Water’s disclosure log complements our commitment to proactive disclosure of information that is regularly requested under the FOI Act.

Reference Date of Determination Application Details Link to determination and / or documents
SN881 22/01/2018 Details of current lease or licences granted by SA Water excluding those granted to the applicant, and any fee schedules, policies or decisions made or published by SA Water since 1 January 2010, regarding standard fees for leases or licences to access SA Water. SN881
SN885 29/05/2018 All documents held by SA Water concerning disinfectant-by-product of drinking water at Myponga, between the dates 1/7/2016 to 30/6/2017 SN885

1. All documents relating to a sewerage overflow incident at 112B Pratt Ave Pooraka. Including:

* Confirmation of cause of blockage

* A service map of the area surrounding the property

* Construction dates of the pipes

2. All documentation relating to the history (between 9/02/2011 to 09/02/2018) of any incidents, work, maintenance and projects on Pratt Avenue, Pooraka.

3. Any assessors’ report from either engineers/loss adjuster’s attendance to the current burst and any previous historical bursts that FOI documents are being supplied.


1.Any and all maintenance and repairs undertaken at Victoria Park, Adelaide, between 1 November 2017 and 1 February 2018 including, but not limited to, any schedules for maintenance in Victoria Park over the specified period.

2.Any and all complaints or reports of damage to irrigation pits in Victoria Park during the period of 1 November 2017 and 1 February 2018.

3.Any and all reports of blockages requiring maintenance or repairs at Victoria Park, Adelaide for the period between 1 November 2017 and 1 February 2018.

SN89227/07/20181.Mannum WWTP Operating and Maintenance Manual.
2.Mannum WWTP Independent Valuation as at 1 July 2014 (referred to on page 68 of the SA Water 2016-17 Annual Report).
SN89306/07/2018Since 17 March 2018, copies of any and all documents (including but not limited to physical, electronic, or written briefs, minutes, emails, diary entries and any other correspondence) which lists all departmental staff who have been allocated as the primary contact for the Minister or the Minister’s staff or the Minister’s office.SN893
SN89405/10/2018Since 17 March 2018, copies of any and all documents (including but not limited to physical, electronic, or written briefs, minutes, emails, diary entries and any other correspondence) whichlists all staff attending meetings between the Minister or and the Minister’s staff and the Chief Executive, including both Ministerial and departmental staff.SN894
SN89504/09/2018Various documents and reports related to the water break at AthelstoneFor a copy of the documents, please call (08) 7424 1777
SN896 & SN89716/08/2018SN896 - pesticides (herbicide, insecticide, fungicide) detected in all SA Water networks for the time period 1/7/20177 to 30/6/2018.
SN897 - tap water quality testing results (including any re-test non-routine/investigation data) done by SA Water recorded between the dates 1/7/2017 to 30/6/2018.
For a copy of the documents and combined determination, Please call (08) 7424 1777
SN89802/10/2018A list of all Freedom of Information requestsreceived from the Liberal Opposition between 17 March 2014 and 16 March 2018SN898
SN89911/09/2018All minutes, briefings, notes, emails and correspondence from SA Water to the Treasurer, the Hon Rob Lucas MLC and Treasurer’s Office regarding the inquiry into water pricing in South Australia.SN899
SN90002/10/2018IT staff employed, contracted, or hired as consultants at SA Water for the purpose of IT data coding or CRM work, where the staff were originally residing overseas. Documents relating to any travel, moving or other expenses incurred as a result of the above employment, contracting or hiring of staff.SN900
SN90102/11/2018Details of and SA Water follow up actions relating to a water break which occurred at 41A Days Road Croydon ParkSN901
SN90221/11/2018Incident assessment and engineer’s reports into the incident of sewage leakage at 16 Pine Avenue Victor Harbor, SA 5211 ON 28/08/2018SN902
SN90323/11/2018Tailem Bend to Keith pipeline/network: 1. Annual operational costs including average price per kilolitre to deliver water across this network. 2. Annual asset depreciation and other indirect costs to be listed separately to annual operational costs. 3. Estimated asset value of the Tailem Bend to Keith Pipeline and network. 4. Total water supplied last financial year - 17/18 across the Tailem Bend to Keith pipeline and network. 5. Total income received from water sales across the Tailem Bend to Keith pipeline and network. 6. Separate negotiated pricing details for any private businesses or organisations who consume water from this pipeline. 7. A breakdown of water use and income received from domestic consumers and primary production/places of business.SN903
SN90514/12/2018Copies of incident, assessment and engineering reports relating to incidents of blockages affecting properties on Church Road, Mitcham 5062, particularly house no. 8. Please provide reports for the period 01/01/2013 to 30/09/2018.SN905
SN90621/12/2018Any documents, including briefings, sent by SA Water to the Minister for Environment and Water relating to the opening up of drinking water reservoirs for recreational useSN906

If you wish to obtain records in another form, you can contact the Freedom of Information Officer on telephone 08 7424 1777 or freedomofinformation@sawater.com.au

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