Capable and committed team

Capable and committed team

Our experienced and capable team consistently lives our values to safely deliver for our customers every day.

Safety and wellbeing of our people

With a focus on building the capability of our people to make the best possible decisions in their work environment to protect them from harm, this year our all injury frequency rate reduced by 30 per cent to 19.52, compared to 27.72 in 2018-19.

Our key focus in 2019-20 was on preventing potential life altering events by sharing lessons learnt from investigations to improve and prevent recurrence. Our high potential incident frequency rate reduced to 1.56, an improvement of more than 50 per cent on our 2018-19 result of 3.96.

In parallel, a series of wellbeing initiatives was delivered to build the capability of our people and included:

  • an interactive video series to support wellbeing and resilience through the adoption of self-care strategies based on positive psychology principles
  • virtual and on-site training covering COVID-19 support, remote working and time management, as well as promoting our Employee Assistance Program.

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is a source of organisational strength and we are developing a culture that embraces and celebrates diversity in all its forms, knowing that we best meet the needs of our customers when our people reflect the community we serve.

Initiatives to foster diversity and inclusion in our business saw us achieve our Diversity Index target during 2019-20. As at 30 June 2020, our overall Diversity Index, which is a composite of women in leadership roles, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment and retention, was 86 per cent, favourable to our target of 80 per cent.

Innovation and excellence on show

Our 2019 Innovation and Excellence Awards recognised our people who delivered excellence and new thinking to serve our customers. The award winners were:

Above and beyond

The Land Management and Reservoirs team was acknowledged for going above and beyond to meet the high expectations of visitors and stakeholders following the opening of Myponga Reservoir Reserve for public access in April 2019. The team changed their day to day approach to deliver an excellent visitor experience.

Better life

Following the discovery of Aboriginal ancestral remains in Berri in February 2019, a project team with representatives from across the business came together and ensured the remains were laid to rest in accordance with the wishes of the local community. This project represents reconciliation through genuine engagement with Aboriginal people and recognises the team’s efforts to support the local Aboriginal community during a period of grieving.


The visibility of environmental risks has been increased following their successful integration into our risk management platform, called SAAM. Significant work was done to review and standardise risk descriptions and ratings. The outcome is driving responsive and effective risk management and decision-making processes, and enhances analysis and reporting.


A group from across the business came together to develop a way to measure the performance of our energy assets, supporting our goal to achieve a zero cost energy future by mid-2020. The diverse group with skills and interest in modelling, optimisation, data analytics and control systems developed, applied and tested optimisation methodologies for the Crystal Brook solar PV and battery storage facility. This project has driven new thinking to challenge the way we do things.

Inspirational leadership

IT Operations Manager Jon Howson was recognised for driving a huge positive culture shift in his team and across our broader information technology function. Jon empowers his people to develop and try new things. Under his leadership, IT has realised significant efficiency gains and reduced costs, while taking on support of new digital capabilities our business is adopting.

Safety leadership

Our Eastern and Western Eyre Peninsula teams worked together to improve safety, efficiency and customer service by implementing innovative processes to better manage fatigue, share critical heavy fleet, and use contractors to achieve attendance targets which can be challenging to meet across the vast regional area on the peninsula.


Working with the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands community, a small team developed and delivered a program that teaches basic plumbing and water sustainability practices to community members. With the aim of reducing high water consumption and transferring skills, the hands-on course met the needs of the community and linked with accredited training courses on offer through the APY Trade Training Centre.