Staff photo competition: Together in Water!

Staff photo competition: Together in Water!

A picture says a thousand words – and we’ve got a lot to talk about. So let’s start snapping. We want to see what you’ve been up to – and how SA Water is improving life for South Australians.

We’re looking for images that show:

  • Working together with the community
  • Working together with our assets
  • Working together to deliver/improve our services
  • Working together for the environment
  • Water in the community

Let’s see what you’re achieving and how the community is enjoying water – in any way at all. See the examples above to get you thinking.

Photo guidelines
We’re looking for quality photos that we can use to promote the work we do. So before you pull out your smart phone, SLR or dust off the old Polaroid, here are a few things to consider.

  • Photos need to be at least 1MB, so check the settings on your phone
  • If you can, provide a portrait and a landscape version
  • You’ll need to show staff and/or community members involved with water
  • Must include two or more people (it’s all about “Together”)
  • And we’ll need permission from all non-staff members if their faces are in the photo.

You can find a permission form online for our employees. We’d prefer you know the people in the photo, but if you don’t please ask them for permission before taking the photo. All non-staff will need to sign this permission form

How we’ll use your photos
Whether we’re communicating with customers or our own staff, images are a great way to tell our story. The images you send us will be used to proudly promote our organisation across social media, customer communication materials, presentations, our website and more.

We’ll also print and frame the best photos for a gallery style display at SA Water House, and in regional community spaces such as libraries and council offices.

Winners will also receive a large format framed copy of their photo.

Please read the Competition Terms and Conditions before you submit your entry.

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