Customer Assist Program

Customer Assist Program

How will the Customer Assist Program help me?

Our program works with you to find a solution that fits.

You are also:

  • protected from overdue fees
  • protected from having your services restricted
  • able to access flexible payment schedules
  • able to get referred to agencies who can help (e.g. free financial counselling)
  • eligible for a Home Water Efficiency check
  • protected from further action to recover what you owe.

Read our Hardship Policy for more information.

How can I access the Customer Assist Program?

Contact us today on (08) 7424 1650. We will put you in touch with our Customer Assist Officers.

More information

For more information, you can read our Customer Assist Brochure here.

  • Major faults

  • Underway

  • Millicent St
  • Athol Park
  • 25/05/2018
  • Water Off
  • Last Updated: 26/05/2018 04:08 AM - We are on-site responding to an incident in Athol Park. Water may not be available in the surrounding area until 26/05/2018 07:00 AM. Traffic restrictions may also apply. Reference Number WO: 06374657.
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  • Scheduled works

  • Underway
  • Tapleys Hill Rd
  • Seaton
  • 29/03/2018
  • Supply Interruption
  • Estimated start time (water off): 28/03/2018 09:00 PM
    Estimated restore time (water back on): 29/03/2018 06:00 AM

    We’re committed to improving your services and are undertaking maintenance work in Seaton. Water supply in the surrounding area may be impacted during the above times. Traffic restrictions may also apply.

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