Understanding Your Bill

Understanding Your Bill

Your SA Water Bill has a lot of information on it. It is important you understand what it all means. For information about the cost of our services, please visit our Water and Sewerage Prices page.

Electronic Billing (eBills)

Residential customers can now receive their water bills electronically by registering with mySAWater. To register please click the button below.


How to read your SA Water Bill

Some of the information on the front of your bill relates to information on the reverse.

example of a bill

1. Water use (variable)

This charge is based on how much water you use. It varies from one quarter to the next. Read about water use prices here to see how this cost is determined. There are no peak or off-peak prices, and no excess water usage charges.

2. Water supply (fixed)

A water supply charge is a fixed amount. It refers to the cost to deliver water to your property.

3. Sewerage (fixed)

Like water supply, the sewerage charge is a fixed amount. How much you pay is set by the value of your property. This is why your property value is on your water bill.

If you have questions about your property valuation, please contact the Valuer-General.

4. Save the River Murray Levy

As of July 1, 2015 the Save the River Murray levy is no longer applied to water use. Bills including water use prior to July 1, 2015 may include the levy. Click here for more information.

5. South Australian Government Concession

If you have a concession, you can find more details here about how it may affect your bill.

6. Account number

This number is a unique reference for your property. You'll need it if you want to pay online.

7. Invoice date

This is the date we prepared your account.

8. Previous balance

Your previous balance relates to unpaid charges owing on your account prior to your current bill being issued.

9. Amount paid / New charges

Amount paid: This balance is how much you have paid since your last bill.
New charges: This balance is what you owe on the current bill. It is a total of all charges and fees.

10. Pay by

The 'pay by' date is when you need to have your bill paid. If you can't pay on or before this date, contact us for payment arrangements.

11. Total due

This is the total amount owed. It may include unpaid amounts from previous accounts.

12. Paying your bill

We have a large range of payment options, including direct debits. Click here for more information.

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