Meter Testing

Meter Testing

If you believe your meter is not accurate, you can apply for it to be tested. We will either test the meter on your property (on-site) or send it to a laboratory (off-site). 

Water Meter Test Application (20mm - 25mm)

Water Meter Test Application (32mm - 150mm)

On-site testing work

We test the accuracy of your meter by measuring 200 litres of water through two devices. One is your meter; the other is calibrated test equipment.

The calibrated test equipment accurately measures water passed through it. This result is then compared with your water meter's registered reading. All results are recorded.

To verify the results we may do the test twice. This test is highly reliable, and is completed on the day.

Off-site testing duration

It takes about 10 working days for us to remove your meter and send it for off-site testing. The tests then take another 10 working days. In some cases it may take longer.

For off-site testing, your meter is sent to the Australian Irrigation and Hydraulics Technology Centre. This is at the University of South Australia's Mawson Lakes campus. The laboratory is accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities.

When this happens, your meter will be replaced by SA Water. It will not be put back into service.

All results are returned to SA Water.

Water meter testing charges

We charge fees for testing so we can cover the cost of the service. Please see the relevant meter test application form for further information.

If your meter test registers an accuracy error of more than 5% (fast or slow), then you will not be charged.

Please see our other fees page for more information

Information for tennants

Any meter testing charges that apply, are added to the customer account. Only the SA Water account holder can authorise this to occur. Customer accounts are held by property owners.

SA Water will notify you in writing of the test results and you will be given an opportunity to approve before we proceed.

SA Water water meter accuracy

More than 99% of the meters we test due to customer enquiries are found to be accurate.

Faulty Meters

We will remove and replace your meter at no cost. We may also adjust the water usage on your account.

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