Customer Water Use Portal

Customer Water Use Portal

SA Water’s smart metering solution helps non-residential customers manage their water consumption more effectively. The portal presents water consumption information in a secure and easy to use interface.

Existing customers can login to the portal here.

Water Use Portal

What are the features of the portal?

Water consumption information is presented in an easy to use graphic format, so you have a clear understanding of actual water consumption. Every fifteen minutes, data is collected and forwarded to the portal daily. You will be able to:

  • Increase your understanding of water consumption, when and where water is being used
  • View and create water consumption reports on daily, weekly or monthly consumption
  • Set email notification alarms for potential leaks, trends and inconsistencies
  • Monitor different parts of your business such as plant equipment, production areas or tenants
  • Improve efficiency of your environmental monitoring and reporting
  • Centralise your water monitoring if you have multiple properties.

Who is using the portal already?

The portal has expanded across many different industries. Customers have provided the following testimonials:

“The portal is easy to use and a powerful tool to monitor and report water consumption across our sites.”

- James Moulds, Commerical Manager, Adelaide Airport Ltd

"A fantastic resource that has allowed us to visualise water consumption on a daily basis, with opportunities to improve water conservation, and also to monitor for water loss around our Centre."

- Rob Pellaschiar, Facilities Assistant, Westfield Marion

“If you can’t measure it, you can't manage it”

- Wayne Yorath, Sustainability Officer, Adelaide and Monarto Zoos

Is the portal appropriate for my business?

The Customer Water Use Portal has been developed with non-residential customers in mind. Typical customers include businesses from the commercial and industrial sectors such as:

  • Food and beverage
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Shopping centres
  • Hospitals
  • Education facilities
  • Councils

The portal is still applicable to smaller scale non-residential and residential applications. If you are unsure if the portal is for you, please contact the Business Relations team on 08 7424 3753.

How much does it cost?

Costs vary depending on installation details.

The service is provided on a subscription basis. This includes an initial fee for installation and an ongoing annual fee. We have kept this fee as low as possible.

For a free quote, contact the Business Relations team on 08 7424 3753.

2017-18 Customer water use portal fees

The current fees and charges for the Customer Water Use Portal are:

Standard smart meter installation $2,391.00 GST n/a
Additional smart meter installations at same property $2,258.00 GST n/a
Smart meter battery replacement $305.00 inc GST
Smart meter annual fee – per meter $39.75 inc GST
Customer Water Use Portal annual fee – per property $80.00 inc GST
Non-standard Smart Meter installations Estimated cost to deliver service

*Charge is for standard fees only. Each application will require individual quotation.

Case Study: SA Athletics Stadium

"The  portal has  been invaluable for the daily monitoring/management of Stadiums. The easy to interpret reports enable quicker responses."

- Anthea Shem, Special Projects, Office for Recreation and Sport

The Office for Recreation and Sport has connected to the portal at some of their sites across the state. The portal provides them centralised access. It has been valuable for monitoring water consumption and identifying leaks.

The image below displays the type of water consumption information that can be accessed from the portal. Water consumption data is graphed every fifteen minutes. This is useful to look at specific times of the day to observe different patterns and identify any potential leaks and opportunities for water efficiency.

SA Athletics Stadium water consumption graph

Case Study: Adelaide Oval

Managing water at Adelaide Oval is no easy task. Water is vital to its operation, especially to ensure the proper function of the 1300 plus toilets at the grounds. As you can imagine, without water, game day could turn into chaos.

The Oval’s Customer Water Use Portal routinely monitors the use of both the recycled water supply used for the toilet facilities as well as its drinking water supply. Data produced from the portal recently helped the Oval realise what was a minor fault in their recycled water feed that was in fact causing a major and undetected water leak.

The Portal screenshot below shows water use peaked at approximately 870 litres per minute and continued over four days until it was noticed by staff monitoring the portal. The cause was identified as being a stuck ball float valve on the feed into a header tank which supplied toilets throughout the stadium. This was causing the tank to continually fill and overflow.

Adelaide Oval’s Senior Plumber Ben Kither says if they didn’t have the water portal in place it could have been leaking for quite some time.

“The tank is in a room that I don’t often need to visit and there were no sounds or evidence of the leak from the outside of the room,” says Ben.

It’s estimated the Portal potentially saved the Oval more than 30 million litres just in this one instance, all through identification of a simple leak caused by a stuck float valve.

Trends - SA Water - Adelaide Oval

Case Study: Zoos SA

Zoos SA is having similar success with the use of their Portal, namely an improvement in their response rate to events such as bursts and leaks at their Monarto site. Managing water in a vast open plain zoo like Monarto for a range of animals with diverse water needs presents a certain set of challenges.

Monarto Zoo’s Senior Works Supervisor Paul Stapleton says in the past it would often take months to even detect a burst or leak.

“Often the first sign there was an issue was when a unintended mini wetland was noticed by staff driving through the site, complete with rushes and frogs!” says Paul.

Monarto Zoo staff recently noticed water use increasing on one of the eight water meters monitored through the Portal. The culprit? A leak with a peak flow rate of 20 litres per minute.

“The leak was found under a large thirsty tree on top of a sand hill not visible from the surface,” says Paul.

“It could have taken many months longer to locate or appear without the warning from the Portal.”

It’s estimated if this leak continued for another three months, it would have cost the Zoo at least $10,000 in almost three million litres of lost water.

“Logging in and checking the site water use is now part of the morning ritual, along with reading emails,” says Paul.

“Just by looking at the data we are able to understand if water use has increased due to normal use such as taps being turned on, or if a burst or a leak is occurring.

“From there, we can react very quickly according to the degree of increased water use.”

Case Study: Smart metering pilot project in schools

Through a partnership with the Department for Education and Child Development (DECD), SA Water has provided a smart metering service to two Adelaide high schools to help them monitor and manage their site’s water use.  The service includes data loggers installed to existing larger consuming water meters at the schools and access to an online portal to securely view consumption data.

The close monitoring and analysis of data from the portal is done by the students from the two participating schools – Heathfield High School and Ocean View College - and has been incorporated into their curriculum. Students from both schools have successfully used this information to identify opportunities for improved water efficiency resulting in significant cost savings.  

The students at Heathfield High observed a regular pattern of water use occurring in the early hours of the morning throughout September and October. Further investigations  identified irrigation was scheduled during these times that wasn’t needed. The image below displays the spikes where irrigation was identified on the portal one Sunday in August this year. Students reported on the volumes of water being used, time of day, observed the flow rates and calculated the costs of the water used. They then determined the potential water and cost savings that could be made in the future and action this by rescheduling irrigation and preventing this unnecessary water use.

Trends - SA Water - Heathfield High School

How do I apply for the portal?

To apply for a connection to the SA Water Customer Water Use Portal, please download the application form PDF, 238.32 KB and forward it back to Business Relations.

If you would like to learn more about the SA Water Customer Water Use Portal, please contact SA Water’s Business Relations team on 08 7424 3753 or via email.

Terms and Conditions

The Customer Water Use Portal is subject to the Terms and Conditions set out in the SA Water Standard Customer Water Use Portal Contract PDF, 377.01 KB.

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