Use smart meters to increase efficiency

Use smart meters to increase efficiency

A very efficient way of tracking your water use is to install a smart meter. A conventional meter can be converted into a smart meter by connecting logging equipment to it which sends the data to a computer based dashboard. With a data logger your meter will record your water use.

Smart meters stop you having to read each meter yourself. This is helpful if you have multiple sub-meters on-site. Records for the data logger are then generally accessed via a computer dashboard which automatically displays water use data graphically, making the information easier to analyse. It is common that this dashboard is available online.

Manual data loggers can be used as a cost-effective alternative, but they require manual download and data analysis.

Smart meters track and highlight actual usage at regular intervals.They can also find baseline flows. This means if the data shows the meter has no down-time (i.e. water is always flowing through it), then you have a 'baseline' flow. It may be an indication of a leak.

Download and read our fact sheet about smart meters to learn more about them [PDF, 526 kB].

Benefits of using a smart meter

By installing a smart meter, you can:

  • Understand your daily flow profile. Smart meters can provide data accurate to one minute intervals.
  • Perform water audits with ease. The data will help you identify possible leaks, as well as see peak and average water use, unscheduled irrigation runs, and other anomalies.
  • View water use near real time.
  • Set alarms to highlight excessive use.
  • Identify fluctuations immediately, helping you to take action early.
  • See how much water is being used in individual processes. This helps you direct your water saving efforts at high-use areas.
  • Use accurate data to track the success of water minimisation projects.
  • Justify expenditure on water efficiency projects using real-time data.

Contact us if you are interested in putting smart meters into your business.

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