Cleaner production program

Cleaner production program

Cleaner production can reduce your trade waste charges. It is a proactive environmental approach that focuses on preventing waste generation. In commercial and industrial businesses it will help you maximise efficiency of inputs like water, energy and chemicals. It also reduces the creation of sewage and minimises solid waste.

The more efficient and 'lean' you are with your on-site processes, the greater the impact on minimising raw inputs and costs associated with disposal of waste.

Cleaner Production program

Through our Cleaner Production program, we can work with you to put cleaner production in place. One of our technical consultants will visit your site and together we will identify where cleaner production will work.

Read our fact sheet on cleaner production. This fact sheet includes common opportunities for improving the quality of your trade waste discharge.

Cleaner production in the seafood industry

Managing high total dissolved solids (TDS) concentrations in trade waste is a challenge for seafood processors. This is because saltwater is commonly used in their processes. Saltwater has a TDS of about 35,000 mg/L. This is much higher than the acceptable TDS level for our sewer networks and wastewater treatment plants.

By reducing your total dissolved solids, you can reduce trade waste. You can also improve our ability to recycle used water.

Read our fact sheet about implementing cleaner production in the seafood industry.

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