Grease Arrestor Maintenance

Grease Arrestor Maintenance

Important notice for trade waste customers with grease arrestors and settling pits

We understand the current COVID-19 situation may have significantly impacted your business. If you are temporarily closing your business, please ensure your grease trap is cleaned if you reached more than halfway between services while still trading and then fill the device with clean water. This will prevent excessive damage to your device and reduce potential odour issues. You can then suspend services of your device until you begin to trade again. If you are temporarily closed, please let us know so we can note this in our system.

If you continue to offer a delivery only service from a restaurant, please contact our Trade Waste team to negotiate an extended pump-out frequency for this interim period.

If there have been minimal or no changes to your business, please continue to service your pre-treatment device as normal.

Grease arrestor maintenance

Liquid waste haulers use an app to help ensure our trade waste customers comply with their authorisation conditions.

Digital tracking of grease arrestor maintenance has two parts:

1. QR2id app: used by liquid waste haulers to scan tags.
2. WasteID: the platform which collects service information.

User guides and training presentations are available on this page.

WasteID uses QR2id codes. These square bar-codes are scanned by haulers and service agents to record service details related to pre-treatment devices (grease arrestors/settling pits) using the QR2id app on a smart phone or tablet and the data is sent to WasteID.

Registered hauler companies and service agents

The below listed hauler companies and service agents are registered in the WasteID system and use the QR2id app to record service information.

To ensure trade waste customers’ pre-treatment device* servicing details are captured and provided to us, the following hauler companies and service agents must be used for services.

*Pre-treatment devices are grease arrestors, grease extractors, settling tanks/pits and neutralising tanks/pits.

Hauler company

Phone number

Adelaide metro and surrounding areas

Adelaide Pipeline Maintenance Services (APMS)

08 8427 2525

Barossa Liquid Waste Service

0428 811 044

Cleanaway Operations

08 8344 0900

Direct Waste Management SA

08 8260 6459

Eclipse Environmental SA

0418 836 985

Goolwa Pumping Service0416 018 812

Jag Hire & Maintenance

0408 613 316

J & J Grease Cleaning Services

08 8258 4455

J.J. Richards & Sons

08 8244 4077

Jury's Liquid Waste

08 8563 9190

Mannum & Bridge Septic Pumping

0427 227 740

Murray Bridge Septic Solutions

0438 677 741

Mulhern’s Environmental Solutions

0409 670 780

Nitschke Liquid Waste

08 8260 7660

PA Plumbers

08 8251 1733

Pipeline Technology Services

08 8351 7000

Plumbing & Pipeline Solutions

08 8297 1000

Remondis Australia

08 8169 6707

Septic King

1300 791 005

SOLO Resource Company

08 8295 5077


0411 443 368

Transliquid Services

0403 156 361

Vacuum Waste Management Pty Ltd0408 821 358

Vanity Hire

0467 676 768

Veolia Environmental Services (Kilburn)

08 8343 9608

Waste Options1300 44 79 22

Regional South Australia

Bury Plumbing (Port Augusta)

08 8642 4647

Cleanaway Operations (Port Pirie)

08 8633 0001

D.J. Wills Plumbing (Port Augusta)

0413 136 328

Don Stewart Waste Disposal (Mount Gambier)

0408 849 111

Envirogen Industrial Services (Mount Gambier)

0412 970 883

Local Liquid Waste Removal (Port Lincoln)

0402 254 124

Veolia Resource Recovery (Port Lincoln)

0418 227 234

Veolia ES Regional (Whyalla Waste)

08 8640 3100

Service agents  (grease extractors service)

Phone number

All catering Maintenance (ACM)

08 8276 9922

To become a registered hauler company or service agent in our WasteID system, please complete the new hauler or waste facility application form and send it to


There are user guides for hauler companies and service agents. See the user guide section on this page.
WasteID can be accessed from PCs, laptops, tablets and phones via or the QR2id app. To use WasteID the following need to be tagged with QR2id labels:

  • pre-treatment device, such as grease arrestors, settling and neutraliser pits or tanks
  • hauler vehicles
  • waste facilities.

Smart device requirements

To use WasteID you need a smart phone or tablet with a minimum five megapixel camera, running Apple iOS 9+, Android 5+ or windows application that can access data. You need to install the QR2id app.

Creating a WasteID account

All users require an individual email address to register and use WasteID.

We create all new accounts. Hauler companies, service agents and waste facilities must email their request with the completed form to

Hauler drivers or service agent’s technicians can contact their company admin who can create user accounts for their employees.

Training for new users  

Hauler company admins are expected to provide WasteID training for new drivers. There are also user guides and training presentations available on this page (see user guides section) to help you use QR2id and WasteID.

If you need help with training for new drivers please contact us by email us at (any time) or phone 08 7424 1336 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm).

Forgotten password

You can reset your password online. For more details, see the relevant user guide.

Blocked account or password locked

Please contact your Company Admin to reset or unlock your password.

In all other cases please email us at (at any time) or phone 08 7424 1336 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm).

Sharing logins

Logins for WasteID cannot be shared. Each person who uses WasteID must have their own login. There is no limit to the number of people who can be registered WasteID users.

Using WasteID offline

WasteID has limited functionality offline. The QR2id app will store data until your device reconnects to a network and will then automatically sync to WasteID. See the relevant user guide for more details.

GPS tracking  

WasteID uses GPS location services only to validate the location of the QR2is tag. It cannot track trucks or mobile devices.

How to capture information

Information must be entered using a compatible mobile device by either scanning the code or entering the serial number, whether online or offline.

Manual updates  

Hauler admins or users with admin access can manually enter service information into WasteID. See the user guide for instructions.

Who can access WasteID

Currently, property owners and trade waste customers cannot access WasteID. For more information about this, please email us at

Information for waste facilities  

Waste facility admins have access to the haulers’ offload data such as who dumped waste, when and how much.

QR2id app

Turn on location services

This is a setting that needs to be changed on your device. See the user guide for instructions.

App notifications  

You will not receive notifications from the QR2id app.

App alerts

If your existing location and the location of the device you are servicing do not match, the app will give you an error. When servicing a trap and entering information please ensure you are in the right location.

Not able to use the app (lost phone, app not working)

If you cannot use the QR2id app, please capture the service information on the grease arrestor service form.

Provide the completed form to your admins so they can manually update the information in WasteID. This must be done within 48 business hours of the service. Delays could result in a penalty to the customer.

Reporting an issue

If the QR2id app is not working, please try these options before you raise an issue.

  • Check you are logged into the app, that you have mobile data enabled and an internet connection or, if no connection is available, you are operating in offline mode.
  • Check you have location services turned on. Press ‘Location’ on the app start screen. A map of your current location should appear.
  • Close and reopen the app.
  • Log off and log in again.
  • Switch off and switch on your device.
  • Delete the app and download it again.

If the above actions do no solve the issue, please contact your admins immediately.

Note – if you are unable to use the app, you will need to capture information on the service you have completed on the grease arrestor service form.

Provide the completed form to your admins so they can manually update the information in WasteID. This must be done within 48 business hours of the service. Delays could result in a penalty to the customer.

QR2id tags

Tagging devices and vehicles

We are responsible for tagging pre-treatment devices (grease arrestors, settling tanks/pits, neutraliser tanks/pits) and waste facilities.

Hauler companies are responsible for tagging their vehicles (including tankers, trucks and trailers).

New tags

The QR2id tags for pre-treatment devices are provided by SA Water. For a new tag, please email or call us on 08 7424 1336.

For vehicle stickers and waste facilities plates please complete the request form and send it to

Damaged QR2id codes on pre-treatment devices

The QR2id code serial number can be manually entered into the app or online. Haulers can also choose the “Near By” option to find a QR2id code for the appropriate business/device. Please see the user guide for more details.

If you find a tag that is damaged, please report it through WasteID. See the relevant user guide for how to raise an issue in WasteID.

Damaged vehicle tags

Hauler companies can request new tags by emailing the completed form to

Please note – replacement vehicle tags may incur a cost.

Issues at a service location

Unable to find a QR2id tag

If you are unable to find a QR2id tag on a device, choose the “Near By” option to find the QR2id code for the appropriate business or device.

If you find the customer in WasteID but not their QR2id tag, please raise this issue using the app by selecting “Report Issue”. See the relevant user guide for more details (available in user guide section on this page).

Only pre-treatment devices discharging to the SA Water sewer network are labelled with QR2id tags. Hauler admins have access to maps of our sewer catchments to check before you report an untagged pre-treatment device.

Unable to find the customer on WasteID

If the customer can’t be found, even after using the “Near By” option, please report this issue to your admin. If the pre-treatment device with a missing tag is located*, please report this to us by emailing

Only pre-treatment devices discharging to the SA Water sewer network are labelled with QR2id tags. The SA Water sewer catchments maps are available for you to check either or not your customer is located on a SA Water catchment, before reporting an untagged pre-treatment device.

Unable to service the pre-treatment device

If you are not able to service the device, for example, access is blocked by a parked car, please report this using “Service Problem”. Upload a photo, if applicable. We will be automatically alerted.

Issue with the device but it can still be serviced

If there’s an issue with the pre-treatment device (missing tag, broken baffles, etc), please let us know through “Report Issue”. Upload a photo, if applicable. We will be automatically alerted.

User guides

Grease arrestor maintenance is managed digitally using the QR2id app and WasteID.

User guides and support – for haulers

User guides and support – for service agents

If you have any questions or need any further training help, please call our Trade Waste team on 08 7424 1336 or email

Water sewer catchment maps

Information for trade waste customers

Pre-treatment device tags (grease arrestor or settling pit)

Your grease arrestor or settling pit has been tagged as part of changes to improve the process to collect grease arrestor pumping information.

The new process enables digital collection of information through a mobile app used by liquid waste haulers, helping ensure all our customers comply with their required pump out frequency rate. The pump out frequency depends on the type and amount of waste being collected.

Tags will be scanned by haulers every time the grease arrestor is serviced and we will receive the pump out information directly.

If you notice that your grease arrestor, grease extractor, settling pit or neutralising tank is missing the tag, please let us know by emailing or call us on 08 7424 1336 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm).

Benefits for compliant customers

Businesses that comply with their grease arrestor maintenance requirements will be audited less often, reducing their trade waste audit costs.

Enhanced follow-up

The new process enables us to follow-up with customers who are not servicing their grease arrestors and whose pre-treatment systems are not compliant.

Benefits for the environment and the community

Improved monitoring and compliance will mean there are fewer fat chokes in the sewerage network associated with poorly serviced or absent grease arrestors. We will also receive improved information about potential illegal dumping.

If you have any questions please contact our Trade Waste team on 7424 1336 or

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