Trade Waste Fees and Charges 2017-2018

Trade Waste Fees and Charges 2017-2018

Trade waste discharge application

This fee, inclusive of GST, applies for processing authorisation applications from customers to discharge trade wastewater to sewer.

Application Fee $209.00

Compliance audit

SA Water inspects customers’ operations to assess compliance with their authorisation conditions and to confirm operator details. Audit frequency is determined on a risk basis. Additional audits may be required where there is non-compliance. This fee include GST.

Audit Fee $127.00

Trade waste volume and load based charges

Charges apply where trade waste discharges exceed 10 tonnes of BOD or SS, 20 tonnes of TDS, or 10,000kL volume per year. These charges are not subject to GST.


Charge rate

Range of application



All volume

Biochemical Oxygen Demand


Up to 1000 mg/L


For component of load above 1000 mg/L

Suspended Solids


All concentrations

Total Dissolved Solids


For component of load above 650 mg/L (Applicable for re-use sewer catchments)

Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen


All concentrations

Total Phosphorus


All concentrations

Trade waste volume and load based charges apply to the maximum concentration and volumes specified in your authorisation. Any discharges above those limits are deemed non-compliant and may incur the full long run marginal cost recovery of accepting and disposing of the non-compliant portion. 

These charges are not subject to GST.



Biological Oxygen Demand


Suspended Solids


Total Dissolved Solids


Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen


Total Phosphorus


Estimate your charges

Stormwater to sewer

For customers with special dispensation to discharge stormwater to sewer from unroofed areas. This charge is not subject to GST.

Annual fee - per square metre $11.30

Macerator discharge

For customer with disposable receptacle macerators. This charge is not subject to GST.

Annual fee - per macerator $688.00

Administration fee

For a small administrative task that does not warrant a higher scheduled fee or charge. This charge includes GST.

Administration fee $63.00

  • Major faults

  • Underway

  • Multiple streets
  • Goolwa
  • 19/10/2017
  • Water Quality
  • SA Water customers in Goolwa and surrounding areas, including Goolwa Beach, Goolwa South, Goolwa North and Hindmarsh Island may currently be experiencing discoloured or milky water coming out of their taps.

    This water remains safe to drink.

    During recent planned maintenance in the area, some existing sediment in the local water supply network has been stirred up, resulting in the discoloured water.

    We are working hard to resolve the issue, and we are flushing out the discoloured water. Given the size of the water network in the area, this may take some time. At this stage, we are hoping water supply will return to normal by Friday afternoon.

    We will continue to monitor the situation, and provide updates on our website and Facebook page.

    For further information or any questions, please contact us on 1300 SA WATER.

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  • Scheduled works

  • Underway
  • Old Princes Hwy
  • Dawesley
  • 23/10/2017
  • Supply Interruption
  • Estimated start time (water off): 25/10/2017 09:00 AM
    Estimated restore time (water back on): 25/10/2017 05:00 PM

    We’re committed to improving your services and are undertaking maintenance work in Dawesley. Water supply in the surrounding area may be impacted during the above times. Traffic restrictions may also apply.

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