Liquid Hauled Waste

Liquid Hauled Waste

If your property is not connected to the sewerage system, you may have your waste removed by truck. Many of our wastewater treatment plants accept deliveries of this type of waste.

Liquid hauled waste is:

  • septic tank sludge
  • septic tank effluent
  • portable toilet contents
  • non-domestic sewage.

One-off trade waste disposals also come under this category.

We only accept liquid hauled waste if:

  • the type and quantity of contaminants can be safely and effectively treated at our receiving plants
  • the reuse potential of treatment end-products is not compromised
  • our regulatory compliance with our environmental license conditions is not compromised
  • a licensed hauler has a permit from us for the purpose of making the delivery
  • we have agreed to accept batches of non-domestic hauled waste from a business.

What to do with other liquid wastes

If your liquid waste doesn't meet our criteria, you can consign it to a licensed liquid waste contractor. These contractors will treat or dispose of your waste.

Our wastewater treatment plants can't accept ad hoc discharges of portable toilet contents from sources like mobile homes. There are a number of designated dump points in regional towns and some caravan parks for this waste.

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    This water remains safe to drink.

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