Community Partnerships Program

For over 20 years, SA Water has supported a wide range of programs, organisations and events across South Australia. In 2018, we will be launching our Community Partnerships Program, which will replace our previous sponsorship scheme. The new program will focus on grassroots community events and programs, and not-for-profit organisations that have a clear link to water or water usage, and demonstrate a strong alignment with our vision of delivering world class water services for a better life.  

Applications for our Community Partnerships Program have closed for this year. To apply for the program when it reopens in February 2019, please ensure you've read through the new application criteria.

Corporate Sponsorship

We have a number of strategic partners that we work with, enabling them to provide water-related education to the South Australian community. This year, these have included:

- Orange Sky
- South Australian Tourism Commission – Christmas Pageant 
- Zoos SA  

What won't we sponsor?

Please note, we will not accept applications to sponsor:

  • individuals, sports people, sports teams or clubs
  • any project, program or event related to gambling
  • any event that promotes consumption of alcohol as its core activity. This includes beer and wine festivals and pub crawls.

We will also not accept applications to sponsor projects, programs, or events that:

  • exclude any part of the community based on culture, gender, religious belief, race or disability
  • have a conflict of interest with an activity we already sponsor
  • are likely to offend the community
  • are outside any of our areas of operation.  

Other programs

SA Water volunteering: We support our employees' engagement in the broader community by providing special leave with or without pay to those undertaking volunteer service.

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