Catchment and Land Management

Catchment and Land Management

A catchment is an area of land where water gathers. In South Australia, we are part of the Murray-Darling Basin catchment area. The Basin extends across a large part of Australia, from the Darling River in the north of the country to the River Murray in the south.

The Basin is managed as a whole by the Murray-Darling Basin Authority. At SA Water, we share responsibility for part of that catchment system. Given most of our water supply catchments are open to human activities, we continually monitor and assess them.

Good catchment management is our first barrier of protection to make sure water quality is maintained. It also helps us manage water sources in a sustainable way. Bad catchment management can result in polluted water, higher treatment costs and insecure supply.

You can read more about how we work to improve the River Murray here.

SA Water also owns and manages a large amount of land across the state. We work with the South Australian Government and Natural Resources Management groups to manage that land. This management includes:

  • Reducing bushfire risk.
  • Removing non-native plant species to prevent their spread.
  • Fire management plans.
  • Revegetation.
  • Animal management.

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