Long term water security planning

Long term water security planning


We are committed to providing safe, clean water supplies to our customers. Our water security plans - which are developed for each region in South Australia - are one way of helping us to offer this reliable service. The plans also provide strategic direction for our capital, maintenance and operational projects and are adaptable to meet the needs of current and future generations. These projects form part of our Regulatory Business Proposal (RBP). We submit the RBP to our regulator, the Essential Services Commission of South Australia (ESCOSA) every four years.

The plans use the best analytical and scientific methods for South Australian weather and climatic conditions. These are matched against long-term forecasts of resources availability and customer demand. Our research complements work by the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) and the Goyder Institute.

Water security planning analyses water availability and historic customer demand. This helps to quantify and project future water supply requirements. SA Water considers a wide variety of potential influences to water demand patterns. We use these to build models to forecast demand in each water supply system. The models consider residential and non-residential (commercial and industrial) water use. This is to reflect potential differences in demand patterns.

The models match the demand to the potential influence of:

  • climate, including the latest climate change data (rainfall, temperature and evaporation)
  • population projections
  • state Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
  • water prices, water restrictions and network losses.

If existing resources are deemed insufficient to meet future needs (on either a volume or quality basis), options for augmentation are considered. These options look at both demand and supply measures, including:

  • potential customer water efficiencies
  • substitution with stormwater or recycled water for non-drinking purposes
  • alternate water supply
  • increasing extractions from existing supply

Consideration is also given to:

  • cost
  • sustainability of the resources
  • the social, environmental and economic impact of each option.

Our water security plans will be subject to review. These reviews will update extraction volumes and assess any changes we need to take into account. If water demand projections or population trends change, updates can be made. Reviews may also identify a need for new or upgraded infrastructure. These can be assessed in our capital funding process.

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