Major pipelines

Major pipelines

You can see all of our raw water major pipelines on our interactive reservoir map or all of our major pipelines here.

We are able to supply water from the River Murray to properties across the state thanks to five major pipelines.

The raw water pipelines are:

  • Mannum to Adelaide
  • Murray Bridge to Onkaparinga

The treated water pipelines are:

  • Swan Reach to Stockwell
  • Morgan to Whyalla
  • Tailem Bend to Keith.

Raw Water Pipelines

Mannum to Adelaide Pipeline

The Mannum to Adelaide Pipeline was the first major pipeline built from the River Murray to serve the needs of Adelaide. The pipeline began operating in March 1955. 

Pipeline length

The Mannum to Adelaide Pipeline is 60 km long.

Pipeline supply

This pipeline goes from Mannum to Modbury. It supplies water to the metropolitan network through the Anstey Hill Water Filtration Plant. It also directly supplies residents in the Torrens Valley and Eastern foothills.

The Mannum to Adelaide Pipeline can also deliver water to six reservoirs.

Murray Bridge to Onkaparinga Pipeline

The second pipeline built to supply Adelaide with drinking water was Murray Bridge to Onkaparinga. This pipeline was completed in 1973.

Pipeline length

The total length of the pipeline is 48.6 km, 23 km of which is underground.

Pipeline supply

Starting about 3 km north of Murray Bridge, the pipeline goes to the Onkaparinga River. The Onkaparinga River channel carries the water to the Mount Bold Reservoir. The water also goes to the Summit Storage Water Treatment Plant.

Treated Water Pipelines

Swan Reach to Stockwell Pipeline

The Swan Reach to Stockwell Pipeline was built to supply the Barossa Valley, Lower North and Yorke Peninsula areas. It was first used in the 1960s and was designed to supplement existing water supply.

Pipeline length

The pipeline is 54 km long.

Pipeline supply

The pipeline serves townships and farm land along its route, from Swan Reach on the Murray to Stockwell in the Barossa Valley. The water is treated at Swan Reach as it is pumped into the pipeline.

Morgan to Whyalla Pipeline

The Morgan to Whyalla Pipeline is in fact two pipelines. The first was built in the 1940s, the second was built in the 1960s to cater for a growing population in the Upper Spencer Gulf. The dual-pipeline system can now deliver 66,000 megalitres of water annually.

Pipeline length

The pipeline is 379 km long.

Pipeline supply

Starting at Morgan on the River Murray, the water moves through four pumping stations on its way to Whyalla. Branches of the pipeline serve Iron Knob, Jamestown, Peterborough and many other small towns and farming districts.

The pipes lie side by side until near the Baroota Reservoir. From there, the second line heads across the Spencer Gulf, travelling underwater for 14 km to Whyalla.

As with the Swan Reach to Stockwell Pipeline, water is treated at the beginning of the pipeline, as it is pumped into the system.

Tailem Bend to Keith Pipeline

The Tailem Bend to Keith Pipeline feeds a large number of branch mains. It was also the last of the major pipelines completed, at the end of the 1960s.

Pipeline length

This pipeline is only 143 km long, but it feeds 800 km of branch mains, and covers an area of 6,470 km.

Pipeline supply

The water is treated and pumped into the pipeline at Tailem Bend and then travels to Keith.

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