Minor pipelines

Minor pipelines

In addition to our major pipelines, we have a number of smaller pipelines that are often extensions of larger ones. They are a vital part of our network, often bringing much-needed water to country communities.  A few of these important pipelines include the Lower Lakes, Point Sturt and Hindmarsh Island pipelines.

Lower Lakes Pipelines

We completed two pipelines in 2009 to deliver water to the communities whose water comes from Lake Alexandrina and Lake Albert. One was for drinking water, and one for irrigation.

The pipelines are each 170 km long. The drinking water pipeline delivers water to people in:

  • Langhorne Creek
  • The Raukkan Aboriginal community
  • Narrung Peninsula
  • Poltalloch Peninsula.

Irrigation water is taken through a second pipeline to irrigators in Langhorne Creek and Currency Creek.

Point Sturt and Hindmarsh Island Pipelines

The communities at Point Sturt and Hindmarsh Island have been seriously impacted by water shortage in the past. To relieve the pressure on these communities, we built two new pipelines. Completed in 2010, the new pipelines deliver both drinking and irrigation water.

The first pipeline is 11 km long and is an extension off the Milang-Clayton Pipeline. The pipeline runs through to Point Sturt on Lake Alexandrina.

The second pipeline is 12.6 km long. It's also an extension pipeline and serves the Hindmarsh Island marina precinct in the south of the island.

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