Apps and games

Apps and games

Project DesalStill Image Project Desal Game

Take the Project Desal challenge and build your own desalination plant!  The plant is built from modules. If you build it right the plant will run smoothly and the water will taste great. Build it incorrectly and you will be given clues on where you went wrong.

This game has won multiple awards including:

The Adelaide Desalination Plant was built to ensure South Australia's water security, independent of climate variations.  It began producing water in October 2011.  For more information about the plant go to Adelaide Desalination Plant.

Project Desal is available on iPad (iOS) - you can download it at the Apple App Store

Let The Poo ThruLet The Poo Thru Image

Ever wondered what happened to that $20 note or Grandpa's false teeth that found themselves getting flushed away? We do... along with many other frequently flushed items such as cotton buds, nappies and food scraps.  They cause all sorts of problems at the treatment plant.

Let the Poo Thru is a game that takes a look into our daily flushing habits and how they can affect the sewerage network. Your challenge is to identify the bad items and keep them out of the toilet. But make sure you let the poo through. See how many points you can get and share your score with friends.

SA Water's role to manage and treat the majority of the state's wastewater. We do this to protect the health of our community and the environment. We all contribute to wastewater. This means we can all play a part in helping to protect the system by keeping the bad things out and letting the poo thru!

This game is available on both Android and Apple devices (mobile and tablet) - to download go to:

Apple App Store (iOS)

Google Play (Android)

You can see Let The Poo Thru in action in this video

Operation AquaStill Image Operation Aqua Game

Can you manage South Australia's water supply?  This strategic real-time management game puts you in control of our water and the population's happiness!  Manage the various water resources to ensure demand is satisfied. You will also need to keep costs to a minimum and be aware of any environmental impacts.

This game has strong links with the Australian Geography Curriculum, particularly for years 7 and 10.

This game is only available on iPad (iOS) - you can download it at the Apple App Store

Captain Plop's Water-Saving MissionCovers of the three Captain Plop books

SA Water's popular children's education book Captain Plop's Water-Saving Mission is also a free app for smart phones and tablets. The book has been written for children from 4 ‐ 8 years old. It is designed to help them understand the importance of water conservation around the home.

There are 'hidden sounds' embedded in some pictures. Can you find them all?

Written by SA Water's Library Services Coordinator Hayley Morton, the educational picture book is part of a series which now includes Captain Plop - The Desalination Adventure and Captain Plop and the Tour de Recycle. Captain Plop's book series has been a key part of SA Water's Brainwave learning program for students and teachers established in 2009.

Free print copies of all books were distributed to all schools and public libraries in South Australia. More than 28,500 copies have been distributed to date.

This book is available on both Android and Apple devices (mobile and tablet) - to download go to:

Apple App Store (iOS)

Google Play (Android)

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  • 19/10/2017
  • Water Quality
  • SA Water customers in Goolwa and surrounding areas, including Goolwa Beach, Goolwa South, Goolwa North and Hindmarsh Island may currently be experiencing discoloured or milky water coming out of their taps.

    This water remains safe to drink.

    During recent planned maintenance in the area, some existing sediment in the local water supply network has been stirred up, resulting in the discoloured water.

    We are working hard to resolve the issue, and we are flushing out the discoloured water. Given the size of the water network in the area, this may take some time. At this stage, we are hoping water supply will return to normal by Friday afternoon.

    We will continue to monitor the situation, and provide updates on our website and Facebook page.

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    We’re committed to improving your services and are undertaking maintenance work in Croydon. Water supply in the surrounding area may be impacted during the above times. Traffic restrictions may also apply.

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