River salinity

River salinity

Salt is a natural feature of the Murray Darling Basin. Because of the flat land, low rainfall and high rate of evaporation, the salt has become concentrated within the soil and groundwater.

What are the current salinity levels?

We monitor the River Murray and provide salinity reports on a daily basis.

What effect does salinity have?

Different salt levels have a different impact on people, industries and on your pipes. In industry, high levels of dissolved salts can cause corrosion, scale and poor steam quality. It can also increase the need for chemicals to be used in water treatment.

Salt Interception Schemes

Salt interception schemes divert saline groundwater and drainage water before it enters rivers. In most cases, a bore and pump system pumps the groundwater to a salt management basin some distance from the river.

At SA Water, we manage these schemes on behalf of the Murray-Darling Basin Authority in South Australia. There are other salt interception schemes interstate. Since 1988, these schemes have prevented approximately half a million tonnes of salt from reaching the River Murray each year.

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