East Metro

East Metro Drinking Water System

Reporting period: 12 months to 01 May 2019
Approximate number of customers supplied (2016 Census data): 136,000
East Metro System consists of the processes shown below
Image depicting the water treatment process at East Metro

Can be supplied by Adelaide Desalination Plant and other Metropolitan water treatment plants.

Water Quality Data for routine samples at Customer Taps
Parameter Units Health Guideline* Aesthetic Guideline* Average Value Health Compliance #
Chloridemg/LNG≤ 25082NA
ColourHUNG≤ 15<1NA
E. colicfu/100mL0NGNA100%
Fluoridemg/L≤ 1.5NG0.8100%
Hardnessmg/LNG≤ 20085NA
Ironmg/LNG≤ 0.30.0089NA
Leadmg/L≤ 0.01NG0.0002100%
Manganesemg/L≤ 0.5≤ 0.1< 0.001100%
pHpH unitsNG6.5 - 8.57.4NA
Residual Free Chlorinemg/L≤ 5≤ 0.60.4100%
Residual Monochloraminemg/L≤ 5NG<0.1100%
Residual Total Chlorinemg/L≤ 5≤ 0.60.5100%
Sodiummg/LNG≤ 18047.4NA
Sulphatemg/LNG≤ 25039.2NA
Total Dissolved Solidsmg/LNG≤ 600253NA
Trihalomethanesµg/L≤ 250NG118100%
TurbidityNTUNG≤ 5<0.1NA
Zincmg/LNG≤ 30.0054NA
Hardness - InternationalPPM or mg/LNGNG85NG
Hardness - English Degrees°eNGNG5.95NG
Hardness - French Degrees°fNGNG8.5NG
Hardness - German Degrees°dHNGNG4.76NG

* Australian Drinking Water Guidelines - 2011 (ADWG).

NA - Not Applicable
NG - No Guideline Value

# Although we aim for 100% compliance, the ADWG recognises that occasional exceedances may occur. Where there are sufficient sample results from a 12 month period, the 95th percentile statistic should be used to determine performance against the guideline value. Any exceedance requires immediate investigation and corrective action as agreed with SA Health.

# Prior to calculating % compliance for health related chemicals individual results are rounded to the same number of significant figures as the guideline value in the ADWG (as prescribed in the ADWG and agreed with SA Health).

Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the above data, SA Water accepts no liability for and gives no undertakings, guarantees or warranties concerning the use of the data for any purpose.

  • Major faults

  • Underway

  • Pipeline Rd
  • Ramsay
  • 23/05/2019
  • Water Supply On
  • 23/05/2019 08:12 PM - We are attending to an incident in Ramsay with no interruption to the water supply. The safety of our crews and customers comes first, and we always aim to minimise inconvenience by restoring services as quickly as we can. Reference Number WO: 06945869.
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  • Scheduled works

  • Underway
  • Fullarton Rd
  • Rose Park
  • 24/05/2019
  • Temporary Supply Interruption
  • Estimated start time and water supply off: 26/05/2019 09:00 AM
    Estimated restore time and water supply back on: 26/05/2019 06:00 PM

    We’re improving your services and undertaking maintenance work in Rose Park. Sometimes our crews need to temporarily interrupt the water supply to our customers and/or manage traffic while they are working. Temporary traffic management may remain in place until reinstatement of the impacted road is complete. We always aim to minimise inconvenience by restoring services as safely and quickly as we can.

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