Murray Bridge Wastewater Plant Relocation

Murray Bridge Wastewater Plant Relocation

Project Overview

The existing wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) is located south east of the Murray Bridge Township and adjacent to the River Murray and was constructed in 1970. Since this time Murray Bridge has grown significantly and, with further population growth expected in coming years there is a need for additional wastewater (sewage) treatment capacity. SA Water is planning to locate the new plant away from the River Murray floodplain and residential areas.

When and where will the plant be located?

A business case for the plant upgrade was included in SA Water’s Regulatory Business Proposal (RBP) to the Essential Services Commission of South Australia (ESCOSA) for the 2016-20 regulatory period. We anticipate a preferred site will be identified by the end of 2016 and, pending a decision by ESCOSA, a new plant could be operational in 2021.

To help determine the most appropriate location, we are considering a number of criteria, such as odour management, distance from urban areas, water reuse opportunities and environmental/heritage conservation.

The new WWTP site will be located within approximately 10km of the Murray Bridge Township, away from current and predicted urban areas and the Murray River floodplain.

What infrastructure will be developed?

  • New wastewater treatment facility
  • Underground pipelines connecting the new WWTP and the Murray Bridge Township
  • New and upgraded pumping stations along the pipeline routes.

The WWTP will be constructed to accommodate the existing and proposed future urban growth of Murray Bridge on the western side of the River.

We will plan to decommission the existing treatment facility; with some new infrastructure (e.g. a pumping station) on the site to form part of the upgraded wastewater network. SA Water will work with the Murray Bridge community to develop a plan for the site which takes in to account visions for the riverfront.

SA Water has current customers for the treated wastewater that is produced by the existing WWTP. Additional water that becomes available from a new WWTP in the future will also be available for re-use opportunities.

Will the new WWTP cause odour issues?

Modern wastewater treatment technology is very efficient at managing the odour produced by WWTPs. Odour and prevailing wind modelling will be used to identify a preferred location to minimise odour impacts. Buffer zones surrounding the WWTP will also aid in minimising impacts to surrounding areas.

What about environmental and heritage matters on the new site?

Environmental and heritage values have been considered in the site selection process. Once the final site is selected, detailed surveys of the site and pipeline routes will be undertaken to avoid or minimise impact on the environment, and Aboriginal and European heritage places.

How do I contact SA Water for further information?

If you would like further information or wish to provide feedback on the Murray Bridge Wastewater Treatment Plant project, you can:

* Phone us on 1300 650 950

* Email us at

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