Northern Connector Enabling Works

Northern Connector Enabling Works

What is the project?

As part of this project, we will be moving some of our existing water services under the new road. This will help ensure construction of the project can continue as planned.

What can I expect?

We have appointed SEM Utilities to conduct this task.

Works will be undertaken at different times along:

  • Symes Road, Waterloo Corner
  • Anjanto Rd, Waterloo Corner
  • Undo Rd, Waterloo Corner
  • St. Kilda Rd, Waterloo Corner

SA Water and its contractors are committed to keeping construction impacts to a minimum. However during construction work crews may create some temporary noise or dust.

Standard construction hours are between Monday to Saturday 7am – 7pm .

Traffic management will be in place to ensure the safety of our work crew and the community.

SEM Utilities will notify you of any night works in advance. If access to your property will be restricted, we will let you know in advance.

There may be temporary interruptions to your water supply during the works. We'll let you know at least four days before any this happens.

Where can I go for more information?

For more information, please call 1300 650 950 or email

  • Major faults

  • Reported

  • Gum Av
  • Dry Creek
  • 20/07/2018
  • Main Break
  • Last Updated: 20/07/2018 03:59 PM - We have a report of an incident in Dry Creek. Water supply nearby may be impacted. Traffic management may be in place. Reference Number WO: 06465847.
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  • Scheduled works

  • Underway
  • Silkes Rd
  • Paradise
  • 20/07/2018
  • Temporary Supply Interruption
  • Estimated start time and water supply off: 22/07/2018 07:00 PM
    Estimated restore time and water supply back on: 26/07/2018 12:00 PM

    We’re improving your services and undertaking maintenance work in Paradise. Sometimes our crews need to temporarily interrupt the water supply to our customers and/or manage traffic while they are working. Temporary traffic management may remain in place until reinstatement of the impacted road is complete. We always aim to minimise inconvenience by restoring services as safely and quickly as we can.

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