Parafield Gardens Wastewater Network Odour Management

Parafield Gardens Wastewater Network Odour Management

What is the project?

We are working to address odour issues coming from the wastewater network in the Parafield Gardens and Salisbury Downs area, particularly in the vicinity of Whites Road and Kings Road.

To address the odour issues we are to install two sets of odour treatment units. One of the units is to be installed at the corner of Whites and Shepherdson Road and the other in Hausler Reserve at Teasdale Crescent, Parafield Gardens.

The odour treatment tanks will be approximately four meters high, and we have worked with local residents to minimise the visual amenity of the tanks.

Why is it important?

Our investigations have found that the odour is a result of two issues:

  • Wastewater getting trapped in corners of the wastewater main along the Whites Road and Kings Road areas
  • Restricted waste entering our wastewater system from the local industrial area.

Our works will help to reduce the odour in the wastewater system by extracting the air and treating with micro-organisms that will treat the odour and release clean air through vent stacks.

We will also continue to work with the local industry to improve the quality of wastewater disposed through the network.

What can I expect?

A temporary fence will be erected around the work area to secure our work site and ensure the safety of the public.

Traffic management will be in place during works when required.  There may be some intermittent on-street parking restrictions.

Some vegetation will need to be removed during these works and SA Water is working closely with Council to maintain the amenity of the local area.

Local residents will receive further notification about the works prior to construction.

How long will it take?

Construction activity started mid-September. The project is expected to run until early 2017.

The hours of work are 7am to 7pm Monday to Saturday.

Local residents will receive advance notice if Sunday or night works are required.

Where can I go for more information?

If you have any questions regarding the project, please contact the SA Water Customer Service Centre on 1300 650 950 or email

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