Network Infrastructure - Water & Sewer

Network Infrastructure - Water & Sewer

Details of SA Water’s requirements for the design and installation of water and sewer reticulation infrastructure are provided on the following pages. The requirements apply to both new, and modifications to existing, infrastructure.

The information is relevant for Consultant Engineers and Construction Contractors engaged in the design, construction and maintenance of SA Water reticulation assets.

SA Water’s requirements are based upon the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) Codes. WSAA acknowledges there are instances where Water Authorities may have specific requirements and allows Authorities to deviate from its Code. Where SA Water does vary from the WSAA Code, details of the alternative requirement are provided in SA Water’s Supplement (to the WSAA code).

SA Water's documentation is detailed for water and sewer applications and includes:

  • The relevant WSAA Codes are available from the WSAA website,
  • The SA Water Supplements to the WSAA Code,
  • SA Water Construction Drawings,
  • Engineering Standards (Technical Standards and Guidelines),
  • Authorised Products for use with each system.

Follow the below links for detailed requirements for the relevant systems:

Authorised Products

Products approved for use within SA Water’s reticulation systems are illustrated in documents for each System (refer above links to access product details for each system).

SA Water has a process for assessment and approval of new products. For more information on this and on these pages, please contact us via email at Reticulation Infrastructure Specialist


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