Extreme heat

Extreme heat

Keeping cool during extreme heat

Keeping community spaces cooler during our hot summers is achievable with the effective use of water. By working closely with the community to create green public spaces such as parks, schools plus major event organisers, we’re helping keep our community cooler.

Greening and cooling areas for people to enjoy sees us:

  • Run misting systems at major community events, such as WOMADelaide and Tour Down Under to keep the participants and visitors cool by around 10 degrees Celsius.
  • Work with schools and councils installing smart irrigation systems and practices to keep green spaces thriving during summer with efficient water use.
  • Provide temperature sensors in many community parks across Adelaide so you can find the best outdoor spaces to keep cool.

Keeping your home and garden cool this summer

To see what you can do to keep your home and garden cool and thriving during the summer months, read our Tips for a thriving garden.