Cooling the community

Cooling the community

We're collaborating with local councils around South Australia to help maintain cool, green open spaces that build healthy communities.

Leading this initiative is the smart irrigation system, which takes and transmits real time data from soil moisture probes, daily weather forecasts and SA Water smart meter data.

We put this data through a sophisticated algorithm to provide an irrigation schedule that tracks past and predicted rainfall, as well as soil moisture, to determine the most optimal times to irrigate.

Well-irrigated spaces are cooler than non-irrigated spaces and this same approach can be applied in your own backyard. See our handy tips here.

Cooling the community - interactive map

To demonstrate the cooling benefits of a well-irrigated public open space, we have also installed more than 200 air temperature sensors in public parks and playgrounds around Adelaide.

With live temperature readings at each location, the below map lets you know how cool you will be at local parks. Simply click and drag on the map to navigate around. You can zoom in to your current location, and find out more about the features of each park that has its temperature monitored. It works best in Google Chrome.

Why some areas are cooler than others

Some of the parks on the maps are irrigated more than others and that’s why you may notice temperature differences. In fact, dry ground can be just as hot as bitumen and fake grass can be even hotter. Parks that are watered regularly reduce the temperature of the local area. Your local council provides open spaces for you to enjoy and this map shows the benefits in relation to air temperature.

Tips and feedback

Do you know a local park not currently shown on the map? Contact us to tell us which one and we’ll look into it for you.

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