Cabra students follow water’s path from source to sink


Cabra students follow water’s path from source to sink

Students from Cabra College marked National Science Week by joining SA Water’s Follow that Drop education program last Friday to chart how water journeys from a reservoir to their kitchen tap.

Follow That Drop enables students in grades five to nine to become water quality scientists for a day and investigate how water can be transformed from dirty to drinkable.

Through fun workshops and water treatment plant tours, students gain insights into the technology behind water treatment and even take a raw water sample through some treatment steps themselves.

Matthew Bonnet, Senior Manager, Community Engagement at SA Water said the workshops and tours are part of the corporation’s commitment to teaching children about drinking water resources.

“Raw water from sources such as reservoirs typically contains suspended dirt, organic material and microorganisms, so before we can drink it, water must go through a number of cleaning and treatment processes," Matthew said.

"Follow That Drop lets students see how lab science actually connects to real life settings and helps all of us, every day.

"We can at times take a safe, clean and reliable drinking water supply for granted in Australia, so we help students appreciate that 663 million-plus people globally still lack easy access to a safe water resource.

"A key takeaway from our program is fresh water is precious and we need to use it in a sustainable way," he said.

The workshops were held at SA Water’s Learning Centre in Victoria Square where the students donned lab coats and safety glasses to run a series of entertaining water treatment experiments.

The experience then moved to the Happy Valley Water Treatment Plant, which supplies around 250 million litres of drinking water across metropolitan Adelaide everyday - enough to fill about 100 Olympic swimming pools.

These hands-on sessions hold water for teachers too, aligning with South Australia’s primary school curriculum for science, geography and sustainability.

Over 6,000 students have taken part in the program since it first started in 2009, with the educational activity running for two seasons and reaching over 780 students this year.

As well as Follow That Drop, SA Water’s education program supports tours, workshops and shows such as Slippery Stuff, Sustainability Challenge and Just Add Water for school-age children across the state.

Bookings for next year’s May and August seasons of Follow That Drop will open soon.

Schools interested in securing a future educational session, or looking for educational resources can visit





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