Heathfield students have the smarts on water


Heathfield students have the smarts on water

Students from Heathfield High School will mark National Water Week by presenting the latest findings from the school's smart water meter study to SA Water staff in Adelaide tomorrow.

Smart water meters are in place at 10 South Australian schools and harness the latest technology, allowing students to access a secure portal with information recorded from loggers attached to schools' existing water meters.

Now in the second year of its smart water meter program, Heathfield High was one of the first schools to sign up in 2016, and the technology has enabled its students to super-charge their learning.

SA Water's Manager of Community Relations Phil Jones said that from the outset the education program had exceeded expectations.

"The technology has helped students at each school identify and investigate unexpected patterns in water usage," Phil said.

"Our smart meter program appeals to schools, because it offers a novel and multi-disciplinary way for students to learn."

Year eights at Heathfield High dived into the data and tracked the school's water usage in real-time.

They quickly discovered some unnecessary high-water use, including an error which was triggering the school's sprinkler system to switch on at night.

The students used newly absorbed skills and knowledge to find water saving solutions, cutting the school's water bill and improving its environmental footprint.

"It's rewarding to see how our smart meter initiative captures the imagination of students, and empowers them to apply their research and analysis to help their school," Phil said.

Lauded by students and teachers alike, the smart meter project links to the Australian Curriculum across Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

The smart meter equipment, training for teachers and ongoing support is offered by SA Water to participating schools free of charge.

Following the success of smart meters for schools, a new pilot study involving 100 smart meters at 70 major businesses was included as part of SA Water's smart water network launched in July.

The new smart network tunes into the 'music' of water pipes under Adelaide's CBD and is capturing data to help reduce broken water mains and increase customer satisfaction.

"Smart water meters and networks are the way of the future and today's presentations show that Heathfield students have been leading the way," Phil said.





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