Reducing burst main disruption on Adelaide's main roads


Reducing burst main disruption on Adelaide's main roads

The impacts of burst water mains on commuters are expected to lessen, with the upgrade of pipes on several key arterial roads in Adelaide over the next few months.

This forms part of SA Water’s additional $55 million investment in mains replacements over the next four years, as announced last week.

SA Water’s Chief Executive Roch Cheroux said the focus on upgrading water mains in busy urban areas reflects a commitment to reducing impacts from leaks and bursts on the wider community.

“We understand people’s frustration when a water main incident impacts their daily commute, especially during peak hour traffic,” Roch said.

“We are listening to these concerns and are committed to responding and doing things better.

“An increase in the number of pipes being replaced will not only reduce service interruptions for our customers during pipe repairs, but limit the number of potential water main failures on major urban traffic routes.”

Between now and the end of June 2017, SA Water will begin work to install water mains on roads such as Grand Junction Road, Prospect Road, Springbank Road, Main South Road, Anzac Highway and Marion Road.

RAA Senior Manager Road Safety Charles Mountain said the announcement was positive news for Adelaide motorists.

“It’s great to see SA Water is considering the wider community with these plans to upgrading water mains around the state,” Charles said.

“When a water main bursts, it often results in significant traffic disruptions, so by expanding their replacement program, hopefully this will reduce the frequency of unexpected interruptions to the network.”

SA Water is committed to working closely with councils and road authorities where possible, to align works, in order to minimise disruption to the community.

City of Adelaide’s Lord Mayor Martin Haese said he’s very supportive of this collaborative approach.

“Council welcomes any investment in infrastructure in the City of Adelaide,” Martin said.

“We encourage all utilities to work closely with us to minimise disruption to commuters as much as possible.

“In recent months, we successfully aligned our works on King William Street to ensure they were carried out efficiently, which benefited major events such as the Christmas Pageant.”

Where possible, scheduled water main upgrades along Adelaide’s main roads will take place during the evening in a further effort to reduce traffic disruptions.



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