SA Water quenches pageant revellers’ thirst


SA Water quenches pageant revellers’ thirst

SA Water will keep up to 18,000 thirsty young pageant-goers hydrated by supplying free limited-edition reusable children's water bottles along the route of Adelaide's iconic Credit Union Christmas Pageant this weekend.

The children's bottles will be handed out from 7:30 am to pageant fans lining the streets for the event which signals the start of the Christmas season for South Australians.

Around 25 staff and volunteers will provide the bottles, and re-fills of safe, clean drinking water, from the seven water stations provided by official water sponsor SA Water that will be dotted along the pageant route as it snakes from South to North Terrace on Saturday.

"Sunny weather and a top of 25 °C is forecast for when the pageant is in full swing, so it's important pageant-goers maintain their fluid levels," said Phil Jones, Manager Community Relations at SA Water.

"Drinking our safe, clean water is a healthy way to stay hydrated and of course it's completely free - with the added bonus that the first 18,000 thirsty patrons who visit one of water stations will get a re-useable Captain Plop water bottle."

Captain Plop is the mascot for SA Water's Brainwave education program and helps teach students in years 1-4 about water, and how it is used, re-used and recycled.

SA Water's water stations are also available to those who bring their own bottle or need a sip directly from a bubbler.

"We're delighted to be supporting this community institution again this year, by bringing essential drinking water to South Australians when they're out and about having fun," Phil said.

This year's Credit Union Christmas Pageant will kick off at 9:30 am from the corner of South Terrace and King William Street on Saturday 18 November.

Visit for more information and remember to stay hydrated by visiting the friendly SA Water team at their water stations along the parade route.

The free reusable drinking bottles will be distributed on a first in, first served basis.



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