What to flush

What to flush

If it’s poo, pee or paper, flush it. If not, bin it.

From mobile phones to rubber chickens, we’ve seen it all at our wastewater treatment plants. Nappies, car tyres, false teeth – even a 250 meter length of rope!

None of these items belong in your bathroom or our sewers.  In fact, they can cause damage to yours pipes and ours.

So please, if it’s not poo, pee or toilet paper, put it in the bin.

What you can do to help

The items most damaging to our sewers are feminine hygiene products and wet wipes. These products do not break down and so get stuck or bundled in sewers. When our sewers get blocked they can overflow causing damage to the environment, property and other customers.

So, quite simply, if it’s poo, pee or toilet paper, flush it. If not, bin it.

What we’re doing to help

Our new maintenance technology is helping us to better monitor and maintain the state’s sewer system. New technology like CCTV and targeted sewer cleaning enables us to reduce blockages and breaks. By continually collecting and analysing data, we’re also optimising how and where we invest in the sewer system.

These facts might surprise you

Toilet paper breaks down in 30 seconds – wet wipes can take days.

Wet wipes and feminine hygiene products account for 90 per cent of the non-biodegradable material removed from blocked sewers.

Even tissues and paper towels are not flushable as they’re designed to stay intact when wet and so take too long to break down in a sewer.

Removal of non-biodegradable waste at our treatment plants costs us around $400,000 a year.

Cooking oils and fats can line both your pipework and ours, potentially causing blocks and overflows. Instead of pouring them down the sink, simply put them in a container and bin it.

Sewage is in fact 99.95 per cent water.  Our plants filter, clean and disinfect all sewage before making it available for irrigation or returning it back to the environment.

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