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Meter reading clarification

18/07/2014 SA Water would like to clarify information reported in some of today's news bulletins concerning incorrect meter readings. The two staff who lost their jobs for not correctly reading water meters were not SA Water staff. These staff worked for SA

Final tanks rolled out in rebate scheme

26/03/2014 More than 30, 000 South Australians have to date made use of SA Water's Stand Alone Rainwater Tank Rebate Scheme, which will end on 31 March 2014. Since the scheme was launched on 11 March 2011, SA Water has provided rebates of up to $200 to

SA Water customers urged to carry out leak testing

13/10/2013 Over the lifetime of any residential or business property the residence will inevitably experience some kind of water leak which can have an impact on overall water consumption," Kerry says. ... As leaks will vary in size and have an impact on the

SA Water customers advised of services

03/08/2013 A new SA Water Standard Customer Contract and a Customer Charter have been developed following the introduction of the Water Industry Act 2012. The new Standard Customer Contract came in to effect on 1 July 2013 and for the first time consolidates a

Be water wise during the warmer months

19/11/2013 As summer approaches, SA Water is reminding South Australians to be water wise during the warmer months. Water Minister Ian Hunter says water in South Australia remains a precious commodity. "South Australian households and businesses have made a