Research and innovation

Research and innovation

SA Water employs more than 2000 people across South Australia with unique, specialised knowledge. If you are undertaking research in an area relating to water, we might have information that could help you.

Research project support

Senior students exploring the world of water technology and management for their research project, are encouraged to contact our education team, we could provide advice and information or connect you with experts. Start the research journey with some suggested questions below:

  • How do natural disasters such as flood or bushfires affect water quality for South Australia?
  • How can we lower emissions by turning wastewater into biogas and biosolids?
  • What are the water security issues affecting remote Australian communities?
  • What are the risks of opening reservoir reserves to the public and what are the benefits to the community?
  • From ancient to cutting edge, how have water treatment methods changed over time, and how have humans sourced safe drinking water across different times and cultures?
  • Why is wastewater management essential to public health?

Tertiary research support

If you are studying a water-related topic at university or tafe and would like extra data, support, or a guest speaker for your class, get in touch.