Report a Problem with your Meter

Report a Problem with your Meter

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Based on what you've told us, you're trying to report a problem with your meter. You can report this online by clicking continue. This should take about 3 minutes.


Warning Please call us on 1300 SA WATER (1300 729 283) if:
  • You have no water and someone is living at the property.
  • Your meter is missing or has been stolen.
  • There is flooding or damage occurring.
  • There is an uncontrollable leak or burst at the property.
  • The problem is causing a serious health or safety issue.

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About the Problem
Do you still have water coming out of your taps?
Is someone currently living at the property?

What service are you having the problem with?

What is wrong with the meter?

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How bad is the leak?


Why do you need to turn the meter tap off?
You can attach photos in the following formats: jpg, gif, png.
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Warning We treat these cases as a priority.
Please call us immediately on 1300 SA WATER.
Your Contact Details

If you would like to be provided with a reference number and an attendance timeframe, please provide a valid mobile phone number or email address. If you provide both, we will send the information by both SMS and email.

What address is the problem happening at?
For example, there is a loose dog or locked gate.
What is your relationship to the problem location?
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Please select one of the following options

This can be found on the front page of an SA Water bill


It can take up to 1 minute to submit the form depending on attachment size and internet speed. Please do not close this window until the form submits (a thank you page will be displayed).