Smart meters



Smart meters

A smart solution to reduce your operating costs by monitoring your water use

Our digital smart meters allow you to effectively manage water consumption and assist in reducing your costs by providing water use data to a dashboard that you can access on mobile, laptop, or desktop.

Aside from monitoring water use, smart meters can also detect abnormal water use, such as leaks on your property, allowing you to save water, protecting you from potential property damage caused by water leaks.

Five ways smart meters make your business smarter

Understand your water use profile

With your choice of daily, weekly or monthly water use reports emailed to your inbox, you will have access to 15-minute or hourly interval water use readings. These powerful insights provide personalised water use trends painting a picture of your business’s water use profile now and over time. Use this information to identify cost savings, monitor daily water use, identify changes, and better plan your water use.

Effective high water use and potential leak alerts

Knowing your daily and weekly water use trends enables you to set effective high-water use and leak alerts. Understanding your baseline water use helps you to set ideal baseflow points, meaning your potential leak or high water use alerts are useful and not a nuisance. From a running toilet cistern, a pipe break, or an inconspicuous stuck ball float valve, considered leak alerts can save you considerable operating costs.

Target key operations and improve efficiencies

By checking your smart meter data at least weekly and considering the activities, equipment and operations that influence your water use profile the most, will allow you to target specific daily, weekly or monthly activities and build new and efficient operations and procedures.

Accurate and easy business and industry reporting

With reports delivered straight to your inbox you have both the granular and high-level insights to meet your reporting needs. Whether it is for a report, budget cycle, or an environmental focus, or to get you over the line on that next project, you have the data available for accurate and easy reporting.

Your data, your way

You get out of your data what you put into it. Your business is as unique as the smart meter data delivered to you. If you have some business goals that relate to managing your water usage, your smart meter data makes it easy to test, learn and try something new as your realise the financial and environmental benefits.

Gain control of your organisation's water use

As thousands of Australian businesses can testify, a smart meter will enable you to:

Conserve water
Reduce costs
Receive automated leak alerts
Know about leaks when they arise
Control your water consumption
Centralise water monitoring for multiple properties
Monitor different operational areas

Businesses that benefit from smart meters

Food and beverage
Education facilities

Discover more about the businesses who are leading the way in both smart meter adoption and realising improved costs and operational efficiencies.

Learn more from other business's success.

To speak with someone about your specific needs, please contact the Business Relations team on 08 7424 3753.

Become a smart meter customer

We provide smart meters to meet your needs, property, and location. Request your smart meter online or by calling us on 1300 SA Water (1300 729 283). We will help identify the best smart meter for your needs and send you a quote^.

Installation is easy


We will work with you to identify the best location for the smart meters and take care of the installation. We just need access to any SA Water meters within a secured site.

Once the smart meter is installed, we will test the data is transmitting correctly. We will send you everything you need to know to set up your online account so you can start viewing your water use information and set up leak alerts and water use reports.

Our technical consultants are also available to discuss any water consumption anomalies and advice on increasing water efficiency.

Third party smart meters

If you are looking at other smart meter options or you already have a smart meter that wasn't installed by us, there are a few things you need to know.

  • Smart meters connect to and in some cases, replace the existing water meter on your property. Your property's existing water meter is owned and maintained by SA Water. You will need to contact us if you have or would like to connect your own smart meter.
  • To help you, we will provide and install an intermediary device which you can connect to. A fee applies for this installation, which we can quote you. The fee will depend on the model of the existing water meter and the location of your property.
  • All third party meter options are subject to our terms and conditions. Please contact us on if you would like more information about this option.

Protecting your data

We take the management and collection of customer information very seriously. Rest assured the smart meter will only send us your water use information, not your personal information. Access to your account is protected by your account username and password that you’ll need to keep confidential. We have appropriate security measures in place to also ensure your water use data is protected. Find out more about our Privacy policy and Information Management.

We're here to help

Please get in touch if you have any questions or need assistance.

You can reach us on 1300 SA WATER (1300 729 283) Monday to Friday 8:30am - 5pm, or send us an email at

Good to know

^Smart meter requests are subject to application criteria and smart meter services terms and conditions.

All smart meter quotes are provided based on the information provided to us by you at the time of application and are subject to a site check at the time of installation. Any variations required to the smart meter installation due to insufficient or incorrect information provided by you or identified by us will be requoted before installation.

If at the time of installation, we or others engaged by us to perform work on our behalf, identify conditions that will negatively impact the performance of the smart meter, we will cancel the installation and refund you.

We reserve the right to refuse to install smart meters that are in breach of any law or regulation or pose an unacceptable risk to the health and safety of our people performing installation.

*Smart meter installation costs are indicative only and subject to personalised quote and signal coverage in your area.