New fountain jewel in the crown of refreshed reserve


New fountain jewel in the crown of refreshed reserve

A new outdoor drinking water fountain is now calling the City of Marion’s rejuvenated Crown Street Reserve home as part of SA Water’s ongoing efforts to make tap water more accessible out in the community.

Accompanied by walking paths, picnic seating, a netball ring and basketball court within the transformed park in Dover Gardens which officially opens this afternoon, the fountain provides a convenient spot for people to have a drink for free during a game of three-on-three.

City of Marion Mayor Kris Hanna said the new fountain was a welcome addition to the upgraded reserve.

"The fountain has a low-lying arm, making it easier for children or people in a wheelchair to enjoy a drink of water," Mayor Hanna said.

"The park has been transformed with the installation of a three-on-three basketball court and netball ring, so we expect lots of thirsty people."

The fountains are designed and manufactured in Australia, and in-built smart technology allows their water use to be remotely monitored, generating cleaning and maintenance schedules.

SA Water Senior Customer Engagement Adviser Lee Waters said the fountains enable a healthy habit while the community is out and about.

"Having fountains in prominent community hubs and parks is an excellent opportunity for us to promote the many benefits of tap water – it’s one of the best decisions you can make for your health, your wallet and the environment," Lee said.

"Accessibility and user experience are at the core of their design which creates an inviting appearance, making the fountains easier for all community members to drink from and fill up their reuseable bottles.

"With around 370 million single-use plastic water bottles making their way to landfill each year in Australia, we’re working to provide convenient places to refill and help South Australians continue leading the way in reducing plastic waste."

The City of Marion joins a growing network of councils and venues across the state, including Adelaide Oval and Adelaide Showground, who are partnering with SA Water to install 30 smart fountains.

In the coming months, the council will also welcome a second SA Water fountain at Shamrock Road Reserve in Hallett Cove.





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