Keeping our sewers healthy

Keeping our sewers healthy

We need your help to keep South Australia's sewers healthy, and limit the number of blockages and overflows.

When items other than the three Ps – paper (toilet), pee and poo – are flushed down the loo, or incorrect items are put down the drain, they make their way into sewer pipes and can easily become trapped. This causes a blockage, which can lead to overflows inside your home, yard or in your street, which can also impact on the local environment. These 'unflushable' items can also cause issues at our wastewater treatment plants, as they build up and need to be removed.

Spread the word and keep your sewers healthy by only flushing paper, pee or poo!

What not to flush

It’s simple - if it’s not paper, pee or poo, do not flush it down the loo. Cooking fats, greases and oils must not be put down the drain, rather let them cool and then put them in your bin.

The most damaging items are:

  • sanitary pads
  • tampons
  • wet wipes
  • condoms.

These items are not designed to easily break down in water, rather they get stuck in our pipes, tangled within tree roots in search of water, or collected at wastewater treatment plants and then taken to landfill. Wet wipes and feminine hygiene products account for around 90 per cent of materials removed from blocked sewers.

Smart technology and our sewer cleaning program

Our targeted sewer cleaning program sees us travel around South Australia to clean the9,000 kilometres of sewer network.

We are trialling smart wastewater technology in several targeted Adelaide suburbs, with smart sensors providing us with data to monitor sewage levels and proactively maintain the network to prevent a pipe blockage.

  • Major faults

  • Underway

  • Polkinghorns Rd
  • Arthurton
  • 18/06/2020
  • Water Supply On
  • 18/06/2020 03:05 PM - We are attending to an incident in Arthurton with no interruption to the water supply. The safety of our crews and customers comes first, and we always aim to minimise inconvenience by restoring services as quickly as we can. Reference Number WO: 07505663.
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  • Scheduled works

  • Underway
  • Spruance Rd
  • Elizabeth East
  • 11/06/2021
  • Temporary Supply Interruption
  • Estimated start time and water supply off: 15/06/2021 09:00 AM
    Estimated restore time and water supply back on: 15/06/2021 04:00 PM

    We’re improving your services and undertaking maintenance work in Elizabeth East. Sometimes our crews need to temporarily interrupt the water supply to our customers and/or manage traffic while they are working. Temporary traffic management may remain in place until reinstatement of the impacted road is complete. We always aim to minimise inconvenience by restoring services as safely and quickly as we can.

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