Kayaking and canoeing

Kayaking and canoeing

Kayaks and canoes are welcome at Happy Valley, South Para, Warren, Myponga and Bundaleer reservoirs, with dedicated launch areas at each site. Accessible kayak launch facilities are available at Happy Valley, Myponga, and Warren Reservoirs.

Launch areas are designed for kayaks and canoes and do not allow for other on-water craft such as sailing or rowing boats.  See the full conditions of access for details.

Please minimise human contact with the water in the reservoirs as this helps manage water quality. For this reason, paddle boards are not permitted on our reservoirs. If you are planning on kayaking or canoeing, please ensure you wear an approved lifejacket.

Fishing is available from your kayak or canoe at these five reservoirs, with a current permit.


The launch area at Bundaleer Reservoir is just a five-minute walk from the car park. Bundaleer is great for family paddling so pack a picnic lunch and make day of it.

Happy Valley

There's more than 110 hectares of water and shoreline to explore, with a launch pontoon and a shoreline beach launch area to help get you on the water – no matter what the water level.


There's more than 250 hectares of water to be explored at Myponga. Take in the site's natural beauty and stunning landscapes with a gentle paddle or glide through the water, hugged by the beautiful pine trees, from one end to the other at record pace.

South Para

Choose your experience with a kayak or canoe - from a short meander to a full day's adventure uncovering the twists and turns of this hidden gem from the water. Suggested routes range from 3.6km to 14km.

During the warmer months when the reservoir's level can be low, bring a trolley to get your kayak or canoe to the water's edge more easily.


With two launch points at Warren, you can easily explore the eastern and western sides of the reservoir. Car parking is available a short walk from the water’s edge at both launch areas.