A valid fishing permit is required to fish at Bundaleer, Happy Valley, South Para, Myponga, and Warren Reservoir Reserves, Aroona Dam, and Beetaloo Reservoir.

Permit details

Three day permit (per angler) - $11.20 / $8.95 concession

10-day permit (per angler) - $22.40 / $17.90 concession

Annual permit (per angler) - $37.00/ $29.75 concession

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Funds raised through fishing permit sales go towards stocking reservoirs.

Fishing at reservoir reserves is subject to bag and size limits. All recreational fishing limits apply for a 24-hour period from midnight to midnight. Once you have reached the limit for a particular species, you are not allowed to catch any more.

  • Golden Perch: minimum legal length 33 cm, personal daily bag limit 2 fish.
  • Murray Cod: catch and release only year round.
  • Rainbow Trout: minimum legal length 28 cm, personal daily bag limit 2 fish.
  • Silver Perch: minimum legal length 33 cm, personal daily bag limit 2 fish.

If using bait, you must bring your own to site; collecting bait from the reservoir reserve is not permitted. Fishing with artificial lures and flies is permitted and preferred. The use of burley and/or fish attractants (including liquid, spray on or scented attractants) or baits associated with netting and trapping is prohibited.

Fish species by reservoir

South ParaMurray Cod (catch and release)
Golden  Perch
Silver Perch
WarrenMurray Cod (catch and release)
Golden  Perch
Silver Perch
BundaleerGolden  Perch
Silver Perch
Rainbow Trout
Brown Trout
BeetalooGolden  Perch
Silver Perch
Murray Cod  (catch and release)
Happy ValleyMurray Cod  (catch and release)
MypongaMurray Cod (catch and release)
Golden  Perch
Silver Perch

From 27 July 2023, there are new handling regulations for Murray Cod in South Australia, anglers are now permitted to lift these fish from the water.

When handling Murray Cod to release them, please:

  • use large knotless landing nets
  • support the fish’s weight when it is out of water and avoiding handling the gills
  • use wet gloves, towels, and surfaces when handling the fish
  • avoid high temperatures, where possible, and high temperature surfaces on the landing location
  • use circle hooks for bait fishing to reduce incidences of deep hooking
  • cut line for deeply lodged hooks
  • use non-barbed hooks
  • be well prepared with the necessary equipment readily at hand (such as nets, gloves, towels, pliers).