Reservoirs Partnership Program

Reservoirs Partnership Program

Our Reservoirs Partnership Program supports grassroots events and projects held at our reservoir reserves and managed by South Australian not-for-profit organisations through grants of up to $10,000. They champion conservation, education and recreation, and help connect communities with our reservoir reserves for their enjoyment and preservation.

Key criteria

The event or project must complement the values underpinning recreational access at South Australia’s reservoir reserves – simply captured by the words ‘Enjoy. Explore. Preserve.’

In previous years the program has supported nature-based activities for school-aged, disadvantaged children, kayaking and other paddling activities for community groups, an adventure triathlon, and habitat improvement works to support the local fish stocks, birdlife and aquatic environments.

Applicants will be asked to nominate which category best represents their event or project objectives:

  • recreational opportunities promoting community health and wellbeing,
  • educating communities about the environment, water sources, or the benefits of being active.
  • conservation of our reservoir reserves and their natural environment, or

Each category will be rated equally, with no preference given to recreation, conservation or education initiatives.

Where an application delivers on multiple objectives, this can be included in the submission.

Applicants are required to confirm they have read and understood the conditions of access, and their proposal complies with the conditions of access relevant to the reservoir reserve they wish to host their proposal.

What we don't support

While we welcome partnerships with a range of organisations, we do not accept applications for sponsorships that support:

  • individuals
  • any project, program or event related to gambling
  • events that promote the consumption of alcohol as its core activity (such as wine festivals)
  • organisations that we are already engaged in a formal arrangement such as a Memorandum of Understanding or contractual agreement
  • projects, programs or events where there is a real or perceived conflict of interest with an existing partnership, business or sponsorship activity, and
  • charitable donations are not able to be made by our organisation.

Your application must describe the event or project’s intended audience and targeted demographic, including if you have considered how you’re helping ensure people of all abilities are able to participate.

We will also request details about any opportunities for SA Water to be involved in the event or project, and how we might be recognised in any proposed marketing or promotional activities.

Before applying, please read the conditions of access. You can also email us at if you have any questions about your application or the program.

SA Water's Reservoirs Partnership Program recipient Walking SA hosting 'Walk on Water' at Mypomga Reservoir Reserve

SA Water's Reservoirs Partnership Program recipient Walking SA hosting 'Walk on Water' at Mypomga Reservoir Reserve

2023-24 partners

RecFish SA

Monitoring the endangered Murray Cod

An underwater camera will monitor cod behaviour and explore how to establish a sustainable fish population through natural reproduction.

Paddle SA

Women’s kayaking workshop

Paddle SA will operate four ’come and try’ kayaking sessions on Happy Valley Reservoir, encouraging women and girls to feel confident when paddling on open waterways.

Nature Play SA

Facilitating four family sessions

Promoting cultural connection, nature appreciation and family engagement, involving a nature walk with cultural elements, followed by an art workshop, co-facilitated with a Kaurna artist.

Walking SA

Community walking event

Participants can choose between a four or eight-kilometre walk, with the event promoting the health and wellbeing benefits associated with walking.