Industry partnerships

We are a thought leader in the Australian water industry and partner with water related industry groups. We do this to share knowledge and ideas, as well as to better understand and influence decision making in the water industry.

In 2022, our industry partners include:

    • Project Management Institute
    • SA Cricket Association
    • Master Plumbers Association
    • Nursery and Garden Industry SA
    • Adelaide University Women in Stem program
    • Stone and Chalk
    • Makers Empire
    • Forktree Project
    • Adelaide University Civil Engineering Society
    • Clare Agricultural and Horticultural Society

All industry partnership opportunities are individually assessed on a needs basis and applications are considered at any time.

What we won't support

  • individuals
  • any project, program or event related to gambling
  • events that promote the consumption of alcohol as its core activity (such as wine festivals)
  • organisations that we are already engaged in a formal arrangement such as a Memorandum of Understanding or contractual agreement
  • projects, programs or events where there is a real or perceived conflict of interest with an existing partnership, business or sponsorship activity
  • Charitable donations are not able to be made by our organisation

For all enquiries about sponsorships please contact