Water prices

Water prices


As part of our commitment to keep water prices as low and stable as possible, price increases in 2023-24 have been capped at 4.8 per cent on average (subject to rounding).

Regardless of where our customers live, or the cost for us to provide services to this location, state-wide pricing means most of our customers pay the same price for water. This approach is guided by the South Australian Government’s commitment to state-wide pricing and the principles outlined in the National Water Initiative.


We’re also playing our part in keeping business costs low and stable in South Australia by capping average increases to business customer water charges to 4.8 per cent (subject to rounding).

For a complete list of 2023-24 pricing (all prices as of 1 July 2023):

Pricing schedule -  Fees and  charges

Pricing  schedule  -  Rates  and  sales

We are listening to our customers and will continue to do our best to deliver on your priorities – affordable prices, reliable water and sewer services, and great customer service.

How we set prices

Water and sewerage prices are set together with the South Australian Government, and within the revenue caps regulated by the Essential Services Commission of South Australia.

When setting prices, we consider many factors including the cost to operate, maintain and improve how we deliver a reliable water supply, dependable sewerage service and increase the use of recycled water for community benefit.

The South Australian Government is committed to state-wide pricing and the principles outlined in the National Water Initiative.


Residential customers can now receive their water bills electronically by registering with mySAWater. To register please click the button below.